The Polish government underwent an education reform which cut sexual education from the school curriculum. Local stars like Anja Rubik and Robert Biedron are fighting back using the hashtag #sexedpl and trying to make talking about sex and sexual behaviors more open. For years its been a taboo subject in Poland, so we met up with the team at Secret Place who have outlets in Warsaw and Poznań which describes itself as an erotic boutique to find out just how prude or not Poles are.

Hi guys. So tell us what Secret Place is.

It’s a very open place for singles and couples to come an explore their sexuality. We are very easy going and love to educate people about exploring themselves.

Are you not just a sex shop?

Definitely not. But, if you want to use the word sex shop you can say we are a new generation sex shop. As well as selling items we also have workshops and sex education meetings. We are focused on social wellness.

Why is talking about sex such a taboo subject among Poles?

The obvious reason is that Poland is a very religious country. Sex education is also very weak in schools and doesn’t encourage kids to be comfortable talking about sex. Western Europe is far ahead when it comes to this. Most people have sexual thoughts and fantasies but they keep it inside themselves for fear of being thought of as a bit strange.

I’m guessing that you sell more items on your online store?

Sure. People still prefer online although many people call us to ask questions as they are still too shy to discuss issues face to face.

How do your friends and family react when they know you are working in an erotic boutique?

Hahaha. They have no problem with it. They are very positive. In fact, they ask many questions!

The competition is huge in this online sector, right?

Of course, but the advantage with Secret Place is that you can come to us and have a look and a chat before you buy. We want to build relationships and people to trust us. We are professional and honest. We want our clients to feel comfortable around this subject.

Do you test the products yourselves?

Hahaha. Of course! Otherwise, how would we be able to relate the senses to our clients?

So it’s just business?

Sure but with a lot of pleasure also ?

Who are your typical clients?

Many people of different ages but middle-aged couples are the most frequent visitors to our shop.

And singles? More women or men?

That’s hard to say because a lot of guys buy presents for their girlfriends or wives.

or mistresses?

Probably yes.

You also have a fetish room at the back of the shop?

Yes. You will find things like handcuffs, floggers, rubber suits etc

Why is it hidden in a separate room? Is it a legal requirement?

No. We just don’t want to scare some of the clients! Hahaha, Fetish items are not really mainstream and rather for people that are into it.

Do you find that attitudes are changing and people being more adventurous with their sexuality?

Sure. We see the market growing year on year. We believe its healthy for 2 people to be open with each other about their sexual desires. It makes sex fun.

What is the most popular product?

Vibrators. Especially the non-touch models which generate senses with the air. We believe this is the future for vibrators.

and fetish products?

Dildos, plugs, wristband wallets made of leather and color-coded wrist straps according to the Hanky Code which is known by the gay community.

Who comes to you for advice mostly?

Mostly young people. They ask us for sex advice. Maybe they are scared to ask their parents or anybody else and they feel comfortable talking with us. This is very important to us to help kids with issues.

I agree. If you talk about things then most of the time the problem can be resolved. Do you see that clients are shy when they come in to approach you?

If it’s the first time then sure. We try to calm them down by starting a converstation. It always works and it ends well.

Its been a pleasure speaking with you. Let’s end on a lighter note with a final question. Does size matter?

Claudia – Yes

Arieta – No

Tomek – Definitely yes ?

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