Łazarz has long been known for City park which has some of the best restaurants, cafes, and shops in the city. For a few years, the other parts of the district were mostly ignored by visitors and residents of the area, until now! Łazarz is fighting back against its unfashionable image and now hosts some of Poznańs coolest cafes and restaurants. Below we have listed our Top 20 places you have to visit if you’re in the area. Have we missed anything?

Pure Joy Organic Cafe – Jarochowskiego 8

Pure Joy is an intimate place created by a diet therapist to open your heart and mind about delicious, healthy, natural and unprocessed treats. Expect organic, gluten-free, no lactose or sugar, no artificial additives or trans fats. Healthy breakfasts, cakes, waffles, desserts, dry baked goods, salads, and healthy cocktails. Even the alternative coffee is organic! Highly recommended for those who want to live forever! We recommend the vegan ice cream or the homemade Nutella cake with hazelnuts, dark cacao, coco oil, and figs. Delicious!


Projekt WILSON – Matejki 56

Opened already for a few years and located in a beautiful tenement house on the corner of the streets of Matejki and Siemiradzkiego, vis a vis Wilson Park. Deceptively bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside you will find a whole bunch of things to make you happy. Breakfasts, sandwiches, baguettes, lunches, brunch, soups, coffee, cakes, desserts and best of all it right next to Wilson Park!

Rusztowanie grill bistro – Małeckiego 22

One of the areas newest and most beautiful places, Rusztowanie specializes in meat dishes such as burgers, steaks and tartare. A beautiful unconventional interior that’s all about imaginative upcycling will surely bring out the hipster in you and actually compliments the comfort food which is of a very high level. We recommend the 1 kg Tomahawk steak for 155 PLN. It’s pricey but its the best steak you will ever eat! If that’s above your budget don’t worry, prices start at 11PLN for seasonal soups and 23 PLN for a chicken salad. Highly recommended.

Vandal Store & Cafe – Strusia 9

A coffee shop with a difference. here you will not only find fantastic alternative coffees and homemade cakes but also a vintage clothing boutique. Very hipster and has a Berlin-esque feel about it. We love this place!

Pączuś i Kawusia – Ul. Rynek Łazarski 8

A coffee shop that offers the best possible donuts. You can expect tons of fillings including some classics and not so classic coconut cream, pecan nut cream, and various fruit preserves. They also have a long list of alternative coffees to pair with your donut!

Chwila Wino i Kuchnia – Marcina Kasprzaka 13/1

Gourmet food and a top selection of wine are always going to be a winner. From the outside, you would never realize how beautiful the interior is. Great place for a business lunch or romantic dinner. Prices don’t reflect the high-end interior though and you can expect to pay around 25 PLN for 2 courses. Add 5 PLN and get a dessert also. Highly recommended. Great place to consider for a large gathering also. Perfect!

Parle Patisserie – Grunwaldzka 33C

A place where confectionery artistry meets with magical interior design and atypical combinations of flavors. You will find many sweets (macaroons, desserts, cakes and many more), which are created according to the recipes developed by their chef who gained experience in French confectioners. In addition, PARLE offer includes breakfasts, snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages. A bit of Paris in Poznań. Highly recommended!

Masz Babo Placek –  Kanałowa 3

From the first pretzel to the place where they are today, some time has passed. And we have to be honest we didn’t think they would be open more than 6 months. Well, I’m glad they have proved us wrong and has become quite a cool place in Łazarz. Known for its homemade precels and crackers taken from the owner’s grandmother’s recipe.  We love all the old furniture which belonged to their grandmother and gives you a real sense of those times. With no additives and preservatives, it’s also a healthy choice. Highly recommend you give them a visit. Really cool place.

Kuchnia PoWolność – Kanałowa 15

A place for vegans to feast on homemade very tasty food. Small, but the food will keep you coming back for more. The owners are very passionate and it shows on the menu. How about this…A green pea and peanut butter burger! Delicious.


Lazarus – Małeckiego 31/32

A cafe and an artistic studio with various workshops. A place for creative people to gather and get involved in local activities. As well as cakes and sweets you will also find delicious breakfasts and interesting brunch options. Oh, and the coffee is pretty good also.


Vege Pizza – ul. Głogowska 29

Tiny but fast becoming legendary in the area of Łazarz. Vege pizza does exactly as it says on the tin. It delivers vegetarian and vegan pizzas but not only. You will also find various pasta, soups, and salads. Highly recommended!


Cafe Przymiarka – Wyspiańskiego 15

Part cafe part sewing workshop, this cozy spot feels like a tastefully decorated seamstress’s studio and organizes sewing sessions and occasional concerts. Daily lunch specials are served as well.  Soups are a hit, among which we can find, among others, cream made of white vegetables, Mexican soup or zucchini. No less popular are the tasty quiche tarts (semolina with strawberries, oat, and peach or spinach with tomatoes) and cakes.

Parma & Rukola –

Been around for years and still serves a great pizza or pasta dish. It is a combination of the unprecedented authenticity, hospitality, design, and taste of the dishes served that has allowed this place to last. Great family run restaurant. Highly recommended!


Brasserie Brique – Bolesława Limanowskiego 15

A charming and discreet elegance, as well as a refined, tasty and sophisticated menu, are two of many reasons to come back here time and time again. Another reason is the multitude of interesting culinary-themed events organized here.


Barrio – Wyspiańskiego 13

A wine-bar and a tapas bar in one. The impressive collection of Spanish wines is available to have there or to take away. There are three whites and three reds available by the glass on permanent offer starting from as little as 5 PLN per glass, and the bottled wines start at 27 PLN. The small kitchen prepares fresh cold and warm Spanish tapas-style snacks, also available for take-away. This goes both for the food prepared on the spot and the original Spanish produce available in the shop part of the restaurant, such as cold cuts, cheeses or olives. We highly recommend it!

Radhe Vega 

Possibly one of the first restaurants in Poland which serves 100% vegetarian Indian cuisine. We love the aroma as soon as you enter the restaurant which has you in no doubt that you are in an Indian restaurant. One of our favorite Indian restaurants in Poznań!

Podobny obraz


Francuski Łącznik – Jana Matejki 67

A restaurant specializing in baking tarts, quiches, pies and various delicacies that you would expect to see in a French cafe. If its sophistication you are looking for then you have just found it

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Francuski Łącznik matejki poznan


3 kapary – ul. Jarochowskiego 8

Italian trained chefs make pizzas here very authentic. Apart from pizza they also serve fantastic Italian pasta – really al dente! They are always busy so might be an idea to reserve a table ?

239 klubokawiarnia – Sczanieckiej 10/2

In our opinion one of the best looking cafes in Poznań. It’s also one of the best breakfast places in Poznań. It gets quite busy around breakfast time, which starts at 9 am (on Saturdays and Sundays at 10) and at lunchtime so it might be good to book in advance.

Salon z ogrodem – Bolesława Limanowskiego 5/1

“Salon z ogrodem” is a restaurant serving domestic style cuisine. On the menu, there is herring, pierogi, duck or blood soup – fresh, tasty and seasonal. The reasonable pricing and attractive lunch menu offers encourage frequent visits. One of the restaurant’s biggest assets is hinted in its name – the lovely summer garden area, which on warm days offers a break and an escape from the noise and bustle of the city. Salon z ogrodem has received a mention in the prestigious  Gault&Millau culinary guide for 2018.

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