Tattoo Kolektyw is located in the very center of Toruń in one of the most impressive buildings – Dwór Artusa. Founded by Krzysztof Majczuk, in 2016, as well as being a musician in a band called Dogs Head, we met with Krzysztof to find out more…

Hi Krzysztof, so why Kolektyw?

It’s a place that brings people together and we try to get people who have a passion for tattoos to visit us. The artists and clients are one big family for us!

Your not an artist so why open a studio?

My wife opened a studio in Torun (Bodyfikacje) while I was a social worker. I had a couple of friends who were artists and they were thinking of making a change So I thought to open a studio and invite them.

To make tea and clean up?

Hahaha. They are here to learn but there is an element of making tea and cleaning ?

Is being a tattoo artist one of the coolest jobs?

It is but its also hard work. Many young people think its enough to buy a machine and they think they are rock stars.

When does an apprentice not be an apprentice?

When I see their quality is good enough for what we want here at Kolektyw.

Do you make a lot of money?

People think we do!

Last place you went on holiday?

Hong Kong. But we worked also ?

Anything you hate about the industry?

Newbies. They tend to be good at social media skills. Some are not even that good but they have 300,000 Instagram followers. It’s all about fame for them. I know many great artists who have little Instagram followers because they don’t push social media.

Is it cheaper to get a tattoo in Torun?

Yes. Everything is cheaper in Torun. Sometimes 20% or even 50% cheaper than the big cities. It depends on the studio.

Drugs too?

I have no idea ?

Ever tried to tattoo skin?

I don’t have those skills ?

You don’t do many conventions, why?

Not really. We just prefer to chill in our studio and do our thing.

Your favorite style/artist?

Marcin Surowiec in Warsaw. He has his own surreal color style. Timur Lysenko does cool surreal stuff too.

Do you have tats from them?

From Surowiec yes. Timur is my friend so I’m planning to get something from him. My wife has both!

I heard your in a band?

I was in a band called Dogs Head but after recording an album we decided to take a break. I’m now with the ex bands guitarist and pianist and together we have started a new project, produced by well known dj and producer Steve Nash. It will be something new, but still a mix of electronic and rock music. We are working in a studio right now and it already sounds good!

Do you take it serious or is it just fun?

It’s an outlet. When you work hard and have a family you need some downtime and this is mine.

Would you choose to be a famous tattoo artist or band?

A band. I’ve been doing it for 22 years so its in my blood!

Would you allow a 12 year old to get a tattoo if their parents allowed it?

No way!

Do you think studios should be regulated?

Yes. Especially when it comes to hygiene and sterile environments.

Oldest client?

A woman in her late 70’s. Very classy lady. We sent the design to Chicago and her friend got the same tattoo at the same time. It was cool!

Strangest client?

A girl asked for Nazi symbols. It was a skull symbol of the guards in a concentration camp. She thought we didn’t know what it was.

Did you make it?

No way. We have ethics.

So how about tattooing my balls?

Hahaha. Probably not but its up to the artist!

It’s been great talking to you. Finally, you’re a tattoo studio owner. Is it hard to keep all the artists happy?

Sometimes they are a pain in the ass but all types of artists are I think. We are all friends here so we always work it out. There is a lot of love here ?