Poland’s drug problem is still small compared to many European countries but the facts speak for themselves. Huge drug busts recently have unearthed highly organized gangs, especially in Kraków which are becoming more and more violent and willing to risk it all and make it to the big time. Below are just a few of the larger busts Poland’s law enforcement has made in Kraków, but are they fighting a losing battle?

August 2018

Police found a cannabis plantation in the forest and drugs worth 3 million PLN.

The plantation was in the middle of the forest. Nearly 700 cannabis bushes with an average height of 1.5 meters were planted in pots. In the tent spread next to the tent, there were driers and there were 10 kilograms of almost ready dried cannabis. In the forest, there was also equipment for watering plants and chemicals to support their growth.

July 2018

Large box full of marijuana found in a car in a supermarket carpark.

In a parking lot in one of Krakóws supermarkets, a policemen saw a 44-year-old man handing a cardboard box to a 31-year-old. He put them in the trunk of his car and drove off. The policemen followed the car. The driver arrived at his home and took out the box and headed to his garage. They stopped the suspect and it turned out that the box was filled with marijuana, packed in a dozen or so plastic bags. During the search of the garage, the police found even more marijuana.  In total, more than 7 kilos of marijuana and an electronic scale for weighing drugs were found.

June 2018

33 people charged in a huge drugs bust

Three amphetamine laboratories were liquidated, eight kg of amphetamine sulfate, eight liters of liquid amphetamine, 12.5 kg of marijuana and five cannabis plantations were liquidated.

Police officers from a special group crashed a criminal group

The National Public Prosecutor’s Office presented suspects related to the marketing of narcotic and psychotropic substances, in an amount not smaller than 350 kg. They face 12 years in prison.

May 2018

Criminal group smuggled 15 tons of marijuana into Kraków and produced 300 kilos of amphetamine.

The criminal group operated from 2015 as the Police established, marijuana was smuggled from Western Europe to Poland, which then went to recipients in Kraków. Synthetic drugs were also produced in Poland, which was then exported to the west of Europe.

During the searches machetes, computers, laptops, mobile phones and various types of documents were found and secured. Officers detained  14 suspects. They will answer, among others for managing and participating in two organized criminal groups, smuggling 15 tons of marijuana and producing not less than 300 kilograms of amphetamine.

Służby rozbiły grupę handlarzy narkotyków

Investigators also found that the group’s members have connections with the Krakow hooligans.  It is estimated that they have sold over 300 kg of “white powder” on the Polish market – said Commissioner Iwona Jurkiewicz, a spokeswoman for the Central Bureau of Investigation. Drugs with a value of 3.5 million PLN was confiscated.

April 2018

CBŚP broke up an international drug gang. 12 people were detained

They smuggled psychotropic substances from the Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia, and also were involved in production and marketing. The CBŚP officers crashed the drug gang and detained 12 people which had a very large cannabis plantation, 30 liters of liquid amphetamine and four kilos of marijuana.

Policjanci zabezpieczyli m.in. płynną amfetaminę

According to the findings of the investigators, the group members marketed drugs in the amount of not less than 120 liters of substance from which they could produce 360 kg of amphetamine and introduced nine kg of cocaine to the local market, one kilogram of MDMA and the same amount of marijuana. They earned at least  2.5 million PLN from the sale of such drugs – says Iwona Jurkiewicz.

March 2018

CBŚP detained 10 gangsters associated with the “Bukaciaka” group.

A bust in Warsaw led policemen to Kraków were people involved in the marketing of significant amounts of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were apprehended.

As the investigators determined they worked together with members of the so-called  “Bukaciaka” group who are known for extreme violence and torture of their victims. Evidence shows that they have introduced over 150 kg of drugs into the black market in the Kraków region- says Commissioner Iwona Jurkiewicz, a spokeswoman for the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Jan 2018

Seven people have been detained by police officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation in the last days as part of an investigation into an organized criminal group originating from hooliganism and dealing in drug trafficking from the Netherlands.

30-letni Piotr W. został zatrzymany po czterech latach

According to investigators, the members of the group who are associated with the hooliganist circles of one of Krakow’s football clubs have sold at least 109 kg of marijuana, at least 2.5 kg of mephedrone and at least 8 kg of amphetamine and other drugs. In the course of the investigation, property belonging to suspects with a total value of over  3,700,000 PLN was secured.

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