Karol started as an apprentice at Dirty Lust Tattoo studio and has never looked back. Maybe he has a good boss? We spoke to him to find out more about his chosen career path and if he is happy with how things were going…

Hi Karol. Tell us what styles you work with…

I work entirely in blackwork. I like to make my tats a little dark but not too much. I like to make a lot of flowers also. Female characters are also cool ?

How long have you been tattooing?

Professionally about 3 years. I was actually an apprentice at Dirty Lust and I never left ? I got stuck there hahaha

What’s the difference between being an apprentice and not being an apprentice?

You don’t have to clean shit! But seriously, I see an apprentice as a life long tag. Artists are always learning ?

How do you gauge your success?

When people come back. It’s that simple.

Can you always tell when a client is happy?

After a long session the client is tired sometimes so he/she doesn’t show much emotion. Sometimes its hard but most times they tell you it was a great job and they will be back ?

Do you see this as your career now?

Who knows the future, but right now, I’m really happy with what I do for a living ?

First tattoo?

When I was legaly able to have one. It was greek lettering on my chest and then the same year I got a large death skeleton on my back.

Ever fucked up a tattoo?

At the beginning I did but I managed to correct it.

Did the client notice?

Hahaha. No

What type of clients do you normally get?

More girls. Not sure why.

Maybe they think your good looking?

Hahaha. I hope it’s because of my tattoo skills rather.

Whats the best and worst things working in this business?

Best is working with people

and the worst?

hmm…working with people ?

Did your parents object to your first tattoo?

My dad said it was my space so I could do what I wanted. I had a big problem with my mum though.

And are they happy with your career path?

Not so much. They make comments from time to time to try something else but they sort of accept it now.

Favorite artist?

Off the top of my head Grindesign, Lipa and Daniel Bacz

It was a pleasure to meet you my man. Finally, have you ever tried to tattoo a girlfriend, and was she happy?

Hahaha. Sure. She was happy. It was free so she got a good deal ?

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