Jeżyce is incredible. Its a furious mix of amazing cafes, restaurants and wine bars that just make the district untouchable. When you actually sit down and make a list of places its unbelievable. Below is a list of our favorite places. Have we missed anything?

Curry Mary – ul. Szamarzewskiego 14

Only open a few months and it’s already a huge success. In our opinion the best curry in Poznań. With dishes from India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka you are spoilt for choice. We love the interior design which is well suited to the atmosphere of the district ie: cool and hip! We recommend the Massaman with beef, curry paste, coconut milk, potatoes, and peanuts. Its the owners favorite also ? As a bonus you can read the interview we had with Michał the co-owner by clicking here

Krowi Placek – Szamarzewskiego 16

4 years in the making, Krowi Placek is constantly touted as being in the Top 3 burger joints in the city. We always knew they were good, but I did not expect them to be so good. The name may put you off (Krowi Placek means Cow Pat), but don’t let that fool you. The beef is first-class, and always prepared according to the customers wishes.

100% beef, crispy bread (wheat or wholemeal) and fresh vegetables are the basis for this burger house with interesting combinations of ingredients that tempt everyone not only by name, but also by taste. The menu includes, among others, A cow pat from the mountains, a Baltic cow pat , a pat with potato and much more. Highly recommended!

Krowi Placek - Poznań: Dowolne burgery z frytkami dla 2 osób za 26,99 zł i więcej opcji w burgerowni „Krowi Placek” (do -37%)

Pho bar – ul. Wawrzyniaka 19

With pho restaurants scattered all around Warsaw, it’s about time it made it to Poznań. Open about a year, Pho Bar is nearly always heaving with Asian food lovers. Specialising in Pho, you will not be disappointed with the menu which also includes Banh Mi which is Vietnams most popular street food sandwich and a Bo Kho burger which is all the rave! Definitely in Poznan Top 3 Asian restaurants. We met up with the owners for a chat. You can read the interview here.


Brisman – ul. Adama Mickiewicza 20

A place specializing in high-quality coffee. Professionals work here – participants and finalists of barista championships, and masters of latte art or coffee painting art. These people know their coffee and you will taste coffee like you have never tasted before! Coffee is always fresh, in fact between 3 and 7 weeks from roasting. Delicious! To read our interview with their award-winning barista click here. A piece of advice..check out their homemade cakes. Incredible!


Pizza Pod Lasem – Wawrzyniaka 19

Poznans newest pizza restaurant with some of the coolest neighbors in Pho bar and Falla seems to be holding its own. I suppose the location almost made it a no-brainer although the pizza is excellent and prepared in a wood oven. Not too fancy with the toppings either as they pride themselves on being authentic.


CieKawa – ul. Jackowskiego 39

Family run alternative coffee shop hidden away in Jacjowskiego. A big mistake to give this place a pass. With probably the friendliest team we have come across in a long time. Opens at 08:00 so perfect place to grab a bite to eat for the early birds. We recommend the spinach omelet with feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumber for 12 PLN. Delicious!

IT – Sienkiewicza 20

IT is one Poznan’s few true Italian street food restaurants and what better place than Jeżyce to open it. We heard that the owners went on a two-month road trip around Italy to get inspired by Italy’s diverse street food concoctions and bring them back to Poland. You can find such things here as Trapizino which is focaccia with various fillings which include beef cheek or tongue. Brilliant! Click here to read our interview with the owners.


Błogostan – Kościelna 21

Błogostan is a completely unique spot in terms of a family dining. Here, kids have their own table and even their own kiddie room!  On the menu there are salads, pastas and groats as well as oven baked and BBQ dishes. There is plenty to choose from. From as early as 9 am (also on Sundays!) there are also breakfasts – omelets, pancakes, and waffles. In the summer, at the back of the restaurant, there is outside seating. Another noteworthy point is their special room available for closed events.


ZenON – Zwierzyniecka 3

Truly great udon served with add-ons like panko fried shrimp, skrei cod wrapped in bacon, beef cheeks braised in wine. Without a doubt, ZenOn takes a place on Poznań’s culinary map and is the only Udon restaurant in the city. Udon noodles are crafted to perfection, but that’s not the only available type of a dish there. You can also try some other delicacies such as salads or marinated meat – all with an Asian twist. Hence, it’s a great place for a meet up of noodle-lovers as well as those who are not into it that much yet. Yet is a key word here – perhaps you’ll change your mind once you’ve tried a steaming bowl of broth and noodles at ZenOn. We recommend you finish off your meal with matcha ice cream and a cup of sencha or kukicha tea.  Click here to read our food review

Zakwas – Poznańska 1

The smallest bakery and breakfast room in Jeżyce and probably Poznań. You’ll find hand-made bread and other sourdough doughs there to wet your palette. This place really is tiny and with only a few tables is always busy. Expect tasty breakfasts combining ingredients with their delicious bread. Very popular among locals and if it was 5 times bigger it would still be full!


Forno Italia – Kościelna 12/14

Neapolitan pizza out of a wood-burning oven. When a pizza restaurant has one of the best pizza margaritas without all the frills then you know they make seriously good pizza. They also have some authentic pizza toppings including salami piccante, artichokes, eggplant, taleggio, prosciutto, and semi-dried tomatoes. Brilliant! In the warmer months, you can also sit outside.

Manekin – ul. Mickiewicza 24

Some places just seem to get it spot-on and Manekin is one of them. With almost 100 different fillings to choose from you won’t be going home disappointed, providing you can find yourself a table, as – despite being huge – this place is usually packed to the rafters with happy punters who know a good deal when they see one. Large portions and cheapish prices.


Dąbrowskiego 42

Dąbrowskiego 42 is one of the four Jeżyce-based restaurants (alongside Avocado, Concordia Taste and Oskoma) which have been mentioned in the prestigious Gault&Millau Poland culinary guide in their 2018 edition. Climb up the steps and enter what is one of the city’s more innovative and fresh-looking restaurants. It is located in a renovated, three-story townhouse. There is the restaurant floor, the banquet floor and the attic intended for workshops. Expect a very tasty mixture of the Polish and Mediterranean cuisine such as beef tartare, pork chops, there are pasta and prawns, even fish and chips. We would rather recommend this place though to people at least in their 30’s though. Not because of the prices but its what the ambiance dictates.

FALLA Hummus & Falafel Resto Bar – Wawrzyniaka 19

Back in the day, back when it was still the size of a telephone box, Falla was a hotspot on the vegetarian map of Poznań. Today though they have expanded their restaurant (just opposite to where it used to be) and its larger in size and even richer in experience. Falla remains one of the most interesting places serving vegetarian cuisine. In our humble opinion, it is the best and coolest vegan restaurant in the Poznań culinary scene. The “Hand of Fatima” is one of their most instagrammable dishes.

Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych – Kościelna 52

It was in Jeżyce that fashion for traditional ice cream was born, made using hand-crafted methods. Still thought of as the best ice cream in Poznań, people are still queuing up. With a hole in the wall during warmer months the main focus of attention, they also have an inside section when it gets colder. Brilliant and definitely in our Poznań top 3 ice cream parlors.

Podobny obraz

Kombinat – Koscielna 48

Inspired by its owners’ culinary trips to Portugal, Kombinat was created to be the “Polish tapas bar”. The idea stuck – small portions at reasonable prices turned out to really hit the jackpot. Kombinat’s arrival back in the day in Jeżyce was the start of a revival of sorts for Kościelna Street. The prices continue to be friendly and the food is still delicious.

Modra Kuchnia – ul. Mickiewicza 18

A small family restaurant in Mickiewicza street in Poznań is one of Jeżyce district’s hidden gems. The simple, short menu based mainly on Polish recipes transports you back in time to your childhood. Do you remember your gran’s Sunday roast? Those in Modra Kuchnia taste the same, or even better, and look amazing! It is fantastic, homely, regional cooking in a high-quality version and at very reasonable prices.

MUS bar – Roosevelta 22

The fifteenth floor of Poznań’s new Bałtyk building (at Rondo Kaponiera) offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. With an elegant restaurant and an excellent cocktail bar, the restaurant offers a set menu of well-tweaked dishes, and a paired cocktail menu to go along with it. Very classy indeed. We wouldn’t go there unless we wear our Sunday best. Hipster paradise!

Podobny obraz

Konkret – Augustyna Szamarzewskiego 37

Poznań is awash with pizza places. In a market so saturated, it’s hard to stand out and create a unique product. However, on the trendy corner of Szamarzewskiego and Polna streets in Jezyce, Konkret manages to offer exceptional pizza in Poznań. Their process creates a perfectly balanced crust somewhere between chewy and crusty – no easy feat. Attention to detail and care is clear as soon as you walk in the front door. Their pizza chef is hard at work rolling balls of dough for the next day in addition to cooking pizzas on the spot. According to him, the dough has to rest at least a day at low temperature to develop structure for good pizza crust. You’ll leave comfortably full, and wanting to try more. Trust us! We recommend you try their beers also. Konkret only offers carefully selected local Polish microbrews. Click here to read our interview with the owner


Oskoma – Mickiewicza 9

Oskoma’s chef Adam Adamczak, who cooks up seasonally-changing, gourmet ‘new Polish’ dishes like cream of asparagus, duck breast with liver, cabbage, and seaberry, and grilled rib eye steak with leeks and oxtail is one of Poznańs finest. The menu has been awarded many times in recent years by the prestigious culinary guide, Gault&Millau. The slightly higher price point corresponds with the quality and level of the food. If you are looking for a place for your special occasion, Oskoma is a perfect choice in the trendiest district.

Podobny obraz

Ramen Ya – Kościelna 4

This hole-in-the-wall might be tiny but boy is the ramen good. The menu consists of shoyu, shio, kimchi, and mazamen ramen (in meaty and vegan versions), plus snacks like bao buns; the cooks know their stuff and food arrives super fast. While not exactly the place for an extended sit-down, this is one of our favorite spots for a quick bite of something good. What is more, sitting in this rather tight, steamy restaurant is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. ? Click here to read the interview we had with the owner

WinoBramie – Jackowskiego 36

WinoBramie offers a wide selection of wines from all over the world. Wines are available to take away, you can also drink them on the spot. All wines are priced up to 100PLN per bottle are also available by the glass. They also have a kitchen which focuses on Polish style tapas with both warm and cold dishes. In the warmer months, they also have a small garden up front.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania winobramie poznan

El Calamar – Szamarzewskiego 17

Run by a married couple with a Polish woman and Spanish husband you at least know the food is going to be authentic. The place is small and fits in with Jezyce’s hip ambiance and guarantees you good tapasfish, and our personal favorite, paella. Don’t leave without trying the sangria!


Wypas – Jackowskiego 38

Wypas has been around in Jeżyce for many years now flying the flag for vegans. The fact that its still in the top 3 in Poznań is a testament to the owner’s passion and commitment to standards and exceptional professionalism. The ever-changing menu draws from oriental inspiration, but the menu also features excellent Polish pierogi. We recommend this place for non-vegans also. It’s that good!

Kafej – Wawrzyniaka 20

It really depends on the day and of course the season but at Kafej you will find amazing homemade sugarless, vegan cakes with various ingredients including tofu, various nuts, millet, beetroot and fresh fruits. The menu changes frequently to rotate the freshness but if they have the cashew nut, orange and chocolate cake then buy it! Also the cashew nut and peanut butter cake. Amazing!


Yeżyce Kuchnia – Szamarzewskiego 17

Jeżyce district’s culinary fame is largely owing to the efforts of this place.  It is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner and has in spades the unmistakable Jeżyce vibe. Jeżyce’s “hipster fame” began with this place, among a few others, and its initial interior design was an inspiration to many others which came after it. An absolute must if you havent been yet.

Yattai Sushi Bar

Yattai Sushi Bar is one of the select few and newest sushi bars which have stayed true to the Japanese philosophy of sushi. With so many sushi bars in Poznań, you wonder how they all survive. Well, Yattai is actually only one of a couple of sushi bars in Jeżyce so bravo to the owner for spotting that. Nestled in the heart of hipster paradise its sure to be extremely popular. We haven’t eaten there yet but have heard that the quality is top class. Definitely on our to-do list.

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