Poznan street artist Noriaki’s character of Watcher (commonly known as Peryskop), has appeared on the walls of almost every district in the city. Although the artist has his own original line, he has still been compared to the legendary Banksy. Streetwise met up with Noriaki in his secret studio as he was experimenting in front of our very eyes!

Hi Noriaki. Your watchers are everywhere and are in the spirit of Poznań, although in the majesty of the law … illegal.  Have you ever been caught by the police?

Sure. The last time was in Barcelona.

Many people see you as a legend in Poland…

Hahaha. I don’t see myself as a legend. I just do what I love to do.

When did you make your first watcher?

Actually it was in London a long time ago!

Why did you start with the watcher?

It was originally placed next to bad things in the city to point them out but eventually, it became a drug for me and I needed to do it more and more.

When did the first one appear in Poznań?

Around 2010

Did you think it would get to be so well known?

No way! It’s taken a life of its own. I’ve even seen people with watcher tattoos!

Have people copied you?

Sure. I’ve seen many copies.

Is it easy to tell which ones are not yours?

Of course. It’s my signature.

Does it bother you?

Not at all. I love it. It means something different for everybody.

Has the watcher helped with your status?

Sure. It wasn’t planned but yes.

Has it helped you with girls?

Hahaha. Yes of course!

Noriaki is your street name. Do your friends call you Noriaki?


How about your mother?

Hahaha. No, she calls me by my real name ?

Are you still adding watchers on Poznań walls?

Not so much but yes. I do more on my travels nowadays.

How many countries have a watcher?

For sure more than 30

Furthest away?

India, Tokyo, Japan.

I see you are exploring new styles?

Sure. I’m into contemporary paintings right now. I’m always trying to push my skills and try new things. I cooperate with a couple of galleries in Poznań ( Mil Art, ul. Wroniecka 6 ) and Barcelona (Galeria Artevistas) who sell my paintings.

How much do they cost?

They start from 150 euros to about 1000 euros.

Many people call you Polands Bansky!

Hahaha. I don’t know about that. Our styles are very different, however, our broadly understood street art is something we have in common.

What’s in the future for Noriaki?

Focusing a lot on my paintings, exhibitions, and traveling.

It was a pleasure to meet a legend. Finally, I have one more question. Will you ever stop painting the watcher?

No way. It’s just the beginning!

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