Harley-Davidson Poznań is the only authorized dealer selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Greater Poland. Harley Davidson has gone through some big changes over the last 20-30 years including its macho image which is still largely a men’s club but with the introduction of its smaller unisex Sportster models is now hoping to attract younger men as well as women. We spoke to the General Manager, Jacek, to get the low down of life at Harley Davidson in Poznań.

Hi Jacek. So what is your role here at Harley Davidson Poznań?

Hi. I’m the General Manager

What do you actually do?

In a nutshell, you could say that I coordinate all the departments and keep things running as sweet as a Harley V-twin. Oh, and I drink lots of coffee ?

Have you got a Harley yourself?

Of course! I have a Road Glide 2016.

Did you get a discount?

Hahaha. Sure. I got a very special discount ?

What were you doing before Harley?

I was a motorbike salesman for BMW on Obornicka [street in Poznań].

Why did you switch to Harley?

Well, I got a proposition from the Harley Davidson salon at that time to come and work for them. To be honest it wasn’t an easy decision. I was quite young and I thought Harley Davidson was better suited to an older salesman. But the offer was too good to refuse:) It turned out to be a good decision.

So you must have been a good salesman!

The best — In fact, within a few years, I was the sales manager and in 2011 the GM.

What does Harley Davidson represent?

It’s not just a motorbike. Buying a Harley is a lifestyle choice. I always say that a married man should have a Harley instead of a girlfriend.

It’s mostly men that buy Harleys, right?

Sure. But it’s changing quite quickly. Thanks to new marketing campaigns and smaller sportier bikes, women are also taking an interest. Generally, Harleys are purchased by 35+year-old men. We are aiming to lower this age with smaller, everyday bikes such as the new Soft Tail range which is very popular right now.

Why do you think it’s mainly over-35’s buying Harleys?

A few reasons. One is obviously the price and young people generally want sports bikes. Harleys are more “slow life.” So when the craziness is over in your life its the perfect time for a Harley. But like I said, this is slowly changing.

What does H.O.G mean?

It means “Harley Owners Group.” There are around 10 HOG groups in Poland and we have one here in our building also. They are official clubs connected to Harley Davidson. There are of course other clubs such as Hell’s Angels which is very popular also but not officially affiliated with Harley Davidson.

What do members do at the club?

What do we not do you should ask, hahaha. Members also have many parties here at the club but we also have special days where we invite non-members also.

The new building is amazing!

Definitely. We bought the land and designed the building from scratch. We believe it’s the best Harley building in Poland. Not only do we have the main showroom but we also have a state-of-the-art service section, conference rooms, offices to rent and let’s not forget the club on the 1st floor either. Plus we have plans to open a restaurant and cocktail bar on the top floor which will have a huge roof terrace. We even made sure the lifts were big enough to get a bike up there. We can’t wait to open!

When will you open and will there be a party?

Of course, there will be a party and you’re invited. This is Harley Davidson, it’s in our blood! We hope by September but we will see.

Can’t wait for the opening! Coming back to the bikes for a minute. Which one is your best seller?

The new revolutionary Soft Tails are very popular right now.

How much?

Around 63,000 PLN. It’s an everyday Harley and is an amazing bike. And don’t forget we have a great clothesline also. You can even purchase items from our online shop.

How many Harleys are sold in Europe?

Polish sales are still small compared to some other European countries but collectively last year it was about 40,000 bike sales and its growing year on year ? To compare, the U.S sold about 150,000 bikes.

Its been a pleasure being here and thanks for showing me around. Finally, I noticed there are no photos of blonde girls with big busts in the showroom. While I was growing up this was Harley’s main focus point when it came to advertising…

It’s been my pleasure. I’m glad you noticed. As we discussed earlier. 20 years ago women were seen as sex objects and as an accessory to having a Harley. These are different times now. Now we want women to own their own Harley and enjoy the lifestyle together as one big family. Hey, 10 years ago we didn’t even have a slim fit option when it came to riders clothes and now we do. Everybody is welcome here.

If you fancy checking out the latest Harleys then have a look at the V-force website or pop into their new building on Świętego Michała 62 for a friendly chat and a coffee!

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