The KAC DOKTOR (hangover doctor) is not cheap but promises to put the patient on his feet within 2-3 hours.

The ambulance is on call 24 hours a day and promises to reach you within 45 minutes. During the home visit patients are connected to a drip, which will cure the hangover within a maximum of 3 hours. The basic package is administered intravenously however, you can extend it with additional relaxation drugs, high doses of vitamins, magnesium and other substances which have detoxification effects. We met up with KACDOKTOR founder and medical director Tomasz Handzel.

Tomasz Hendzel - KacDoktor

Hi Tomasz. So how did you come up with this idea of a Hangover service?

The idea was born during my work in the Warsaw emergency room. Very often, we had calls to patients with similar problems. It was at that time that the idea of creating an alternative for them was born. And that’s how the Kacdoktor was born.

So how do you cure a hangover in such a short time?

Proper selection of drugs, electrolytes, vitamins and medical preparations makes our patients feel immediate relief even after very heavy hangovers!

Does it work for everyone?

Sure, yes. Each of our employees evaluates the patient’s condition on the spot, collects info from the patient, measures the basic parameters and on this basis selects the appropriate package from our offer, obviously adequate to the condition in which the patient is.

Photo : Marek Wiśniweski

Is it safe?

Of course! We can boast of highly qualified medical staff with many years of experience. In addition, we only use disposable equipment, certified and registered medicines, electrolyte vitamins and other medical devices.

Can anybody use the Kac Doktor? 

Our patients are people of all ages but we don’t serve people under 18 years of age.

So how much does it cost to call you to come to us and cure our hangover?

We have 3 packages in our offer. The first one, for 450 zlotys, is intended for a typical one-day hangover, the second one costs 650 zlotys and is directed to people who have been drinking more than normal and need are a more complex solution. The last package is full, its cost is 850 PLN and is intended for “real party people” or people with serious alcohol problems.

What time do people generally call you?

There is no rule. Phones from our patients ring all day long. No matter what time of day or night, if they need it, we go and help. We do everything possible to be with our clients within 45 minutes

You are a qualified doctor, right?

Yes, I am a doctor. In our company, we also only employ paramedics and nurses.

alkohol kac ciężki dzień

Im sure you have some great stories to tell us. Can you tell us a funny one?

There are plenty of funny and interesting stories. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you but I can not talk about it. Both for our patients and for us the most important issue is discretion and complete confidentiality, which we provide.

Has there ever been an occasion where you couldn’t cure a person hangover?

It has never happened to us.

What are your opening hours?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us and get help at any time of the day or night.

How old was your youngest and oldest patient?

Our youngest patient was 18 years old and the oldest of what I remember was well over 70 years old.

Thanks for speaking with us. It has been very interesting.

If you ever need the Hangover Doctor, you can contact him on 511 833 844. Alterntaively you can clcik on this LINK and the Hangover Doctor will call you back within 2 minutes:)

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