14% of men and 0.5% women use sexual services according to official research by Dr. Izdebski. Despite this, male prostitutes are on the rise on the internet are not lacking.

On average, men demand 150 PLN per hour for their services, 33% work for 100 PLN, 26% work for 150 PLN and 16% for 200 PLN per hour.

Price per hour as a percentage

And if someone wants to pay for services for the whole night 28% of men charge 1000 PLN, 11% are satisfied with 500 PLN and 9% want a whopping 1,500 PLN! 

Prices for spending the whole night

It turns out that there is no shortage of extremes in rates per night. 2@ men agree to work all night for 100 PLN. At the other end of the scale is 1 percent who value their services at 5000PLN for the whole night!

The best conditions are of course in Warsaw. The average hourly rate is 200 PLN, and the whole night costs 1,500 PLN. In Poznań or Katowice, slightly less at 150PLN per hour and 1,000 PLN per night. Amazingly, Krakow is the cheapest with hourly rates at 150 PLN and the whole night only 850 PLN

So how much can a male prostitute earn per month? It all depends on the days spent at work. A man who has four regular clients for an hour, for 10 days a month, can earn  8,000PLN. Or if we count 10 nights a month, with 10 clients, that’s 10,000 PLN.

It is even more profitable for men to provide homosexual services. In this case, the hourly rate is not 150 PLN, but 300 PLN, and the price per night is increased from 1,000 to 1 500 PLN.

Gay escorts earn much more

Although research shows that you can earn a lot as a male prostitute, you should also remember about the costs to be incurred – erotic clothing, gadgets, contraceptives, not to mention taking care of your own body.

Obvious dilemmas of the psychological and moral nature of people involved in prostitution are not the only disadvantages to doing this profession. This is accompanied by the inability to pay pension and no sick leave, as well as difficult access to free medical care. 

The material was based on the study “Salaries of men providing paid sexual services” Sedlak & Sedlak, published on the salary.pl website in October 2017.

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