Wrocław has so many clubs and cafes and is so spread out that it can all be a bit daunting. If you don’t yet know the city that well, we have prepared a few of the hippest places for you to check out. We have chosen places that individually offer something different. We love them!

Neon Side

Nestled between four old buildings in the center of the city, this glowing neon alley is one of Wroclaw’s best-hidden gems.

The courtyard in front of this nifty place is full of historic Wrocław neon signs, making it a must visit place especially at night. A hipster haven with a passion for music, art and great variations of booze. Chilled out during the day and full of energy after dark you will also find various cultural events and workshops here. Highly recommended!

ul. Ruska 46C| FB



Located in a post-industrial building once owned by a 19th-century brewery, Pralnia is one of the best places to go for a club night with electronic or house music. If you haven’t been yet, check out their Facebook page for all the events coming up. Great drinks, great gallery, great club, great vibe.

Krakowska 100 | FB

photo Pralnia fb

Vinyl Cafe

We love the living room arrangement around the hi-fi record player. Full of cozy armchairs, crates of vinyl LPs and shelves of books. Coffees come in big mugs and there’s a strong selection of Czech beers, wine, and cider, and you can also buy and trade records here. Great vibe every single time we go.

ul. Kotlarska 35-36 | FB

Cafe Rozrusznik

Small hip hangout full of retro fittings. Various delicious homemade cakes and limited vegetarian dishes, wifi, and Sunday morning sounds from the record player make this place a must visit.

Cybulskiego 15 | FB

Lot Kury

It’s hard to describe exactly what ‘hip’ is, but you know it when you see it, and Lot Kury has it. The vibe is immediately created by the concrete floors and paint-stripped wooden ceiling. Lot Kury serves all-day breakfast, sandwiches, and salads and transforms into a hip cocktail bar by night.  A great place to hang out. If you fancy some live music, they also have live jazz on Thirsday nights.



Art Cafe Kalambur

Bohemian cafe by day, to one of the wildest student clubs in Wrocław on weekends. Chock-a-block with hipsters.

Kuźnicza 29a | FB



In the heart of Nadodrze, part curio/artisan shop, part lazy cafe, this white-washed, Latin-American-esque cafe not only serves an array of coffees (from banana to orange to cinnamon), but it also hosts various artsy events. We recommend you follow the narrow sky-blue steps to the mezzanine, which features a comfy couch for two, if its available!

Pomorska 19 | FB



Parrot Coffee

Forget cat cafes. That’s been done. Parrot cafes are the new thing, apparently. This small but hip place revolves around two blue-and-yellow birds named Pablo and a parakeet named Jon. They live mostly in a huge large floor-to-ceiling cage from which they regularly emerge to gaze at the guests and speaking gibberish from time to time. You will hear them saying the strangest words from time to time which they have been taught by visitors to the cafe. Great vibe and lots of fun to be had here.

Gen. Józefa Bema 2 | FB


If you think we’ve missed anything then let us know in comments ?

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