Paradoxically, it is church authorities, instead of guarding children against committing sin, in a sense provoke and speed up their “bad thoughts” themselves. They arouse the curiosity of a child of masturbating and porn!

To prepare children for communion the church prepares guidelines to make children aware, among other things, of right from wrong. The list of sins, as it turns out, is long. For the child to be aware of the seriousness of a situation, Catholic publishers, with the consent of the church authorities, prepare guidelines that must guide the child during their examination of their conscience. While it is difficult to have reservations about the presence of mass and regular prayer, respect for parents and the elderly, or not to harm other people, pornography questions may be worrying.

List of sins.

Recently in Warsaw, after reading the contents of the questions contained in the book, parents found it difficult to accept that it is the churches job to touch on the subject of sex, masturbation, and pornography. Let me remind you, we are talking about preparing for the first Holy Communion, we are talking about 9-year-olds and not teenagers for their confirmation.

The questions that appeared in the brochure were approved by the church authorities. The list of strange questions included…
– Do I imagine myself or other people in pornographic scenes?
– Do I indulge in naughty fun with somebody?
– Have I ever watched someone having sex?
– Do I play with my body, touching intimate places?
– Do I watch movies or magazines containing pornographic content?
– Do I watch adult sites on the Internet?

I believe that there should be a protest against the topic of sex in religion at all. The should be taught at school, such as biology, sex education and even parents have a big role to play.

It also seems ironic that the church is one of the worst offenders when it comes to sexual sins and not knowing right from wrong. 9-year-olds and Communion should not be focusing on porn.

Sex is important but not taboo. The book should be explaining what sex is without scaring, explain that it is only for adults and serves both to have children and some pleasure that adults have, and children do not. It should reassure children that the church will come back to that topic when they are older.

When it comes to touching – there is nothing wrong with the 9-year-old child watching and checking his body and reactions to his/her touch. It should say that this activity should not be repeated constantly and be a way to calm it down so that it would start a conversation, but I would definitely not go into tons of condemnation. Rather, I would focus on the fact that some adults like to dream and touch themselves. Normal business, no sensation here. By saying its a big sin, it shuts the channels of conversation down and the child keeps everything a secret. It ignites their curiosity. Remember the poisonous fruit is the route to all evil? It’s a natural instinct to try whats forbidden.

Maybe this is the moment to publicize the matter and change something? Maybe the person accepting such publications does not realize what is really on the list of sins? Let’s make a case and pay attention to the problem. 

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