August II Dziabnięty is a recently opened tattoo studio in the Poznań. In fact, its the first to open in the market square. Not only that, but the studio was lived in by one of Poland’s Kings from the 1700s which the studio is named after. Streetwise met up with owner Piotr to find out more about this interesting studio.

How did you get into this business?

I was waiting to get some tattoos for a long time and the appointment was always delayed or didnt happen for some reason so I decided to open my own studio ?

So did you get your tattoos?

Of course. I have made 8 already in my studio since we opened in March 2018!

Was it hard to find artists?

Yes but I now have 3 so Im very happy.

Your a businessman but have you tried to tattoo yourself?

Not yet. Im focusing on running the studio right now but maybe someday.

Whats your favorite style?

Prison style ignorant tattoos.

Your the first studio in the market square?

Actually, I used to rent this place and had my office here in my previous life. When I switched careers, I thought it was a good place for a studio so I decided to keep it.

Is it true the King of Poland used to live here?

Hahaha. Yes. King August II Mocny to be more precise. He was king between 1697–1733.

How did you hear about it?

I used to hear a tourist guide standing outside with groups of tourists everyday and I overheard it. Thats why I decided to call the studio after him ?

Do you know if he had tattoos?

Probably not but I heard he used to drink alot and party so he probably had some good times here ?

Your first tattoo?

I was 21 years old. I had no job and my mum told me to join the army so I did. There was a guy there who had a homemade tattoo machine made from a guitar string, an engine from a walkman, a Nokia charger and the housing was made from a pen. He made my first tattoo.

For free?

It was like for a drink or cigarettes or something.

What did you learn in the army?

I learnt hard work and made some lifelong friends. 

Do you think everybody should do a year in the army?

Definately. It turns you into a man.

Are there regulations to open a studio?

No. Its strange. You need an official document to open a hairdresser but not a tattoo studio. But im not complaining ?

More girls or boys getting tattoed nowadays?

I see more girls right now. Maybe they are better savers of their money than boys ?

Do you see the tattoo boom in Poland continuing?

Not sure but I see younger and younger people coming into the studio so this new generation seems to be following the tattoo trend.

Your favorite thing about the business?

It’s very rewarding when you see clients leave happy with a tattoo that will be with them forever!

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