Jakub Specylak – a young photographer from Wrocław who loves to surround himself with high metallics, glass, concrete and beautiful girls. Specializing in shooting streetwear, we met up with Jakub to see what makes the man tick.

FLTM. What does it mean?

That’s a secret, haha, but for real it just 4 letters. I don’t like this standard like “name + surname + photography”. I thought it will be more interesting than just Jakub Specylak Photography.

Photographer or artist?

Maybe both, maybe nothing. I just like taking pictures but, I think there cant be nice photography without any art. But I prefer “photographer” I guess.

Why fashion?

I started with photos on concerts, but after a couple months I realized that I don’t like it. It was always a problem with bad lighting or waiting for that one special moment. I wanted to have almost full control. I like when I can create a whole scene, light, background, model etc.

Your latest project is called Chemia. Why this name?

Project CHEMIA has a long history. I took photos a couple times at the front of this building and when I saw this place through the window I knew I had to do a photo session there. Karol, my friend who helps me with many sessions, wrote an email to the University and he obtained permission to take pictures there. The concept was to collide 80’s- and 90’s-inspired streetwear with the unique interior of the modernistic auditorium of the Chemistry Department of Wroclawski University. “Chemia” means chemistry in Polish.


We love the clothes in that photoshoot. Can we actually buy them somewhere?

We wanted to use clothes in 80s and 90s style. In Wroclaw, there are a couple of shops with vintage clothes. We borrowed everything from Flaming Vintage Shop and Cindy Vintage Wroclaw. Everything from this session was for sale in those shops. Maybe even still are.

Do you remember you’re first ever photo you took?

No actually, but I remember the day when I had my first “session”. I met a few friends who ride skateboards in Wroclaw and I was trying to catch a good moment. One of these photos has been published in Dizaster Mag, a skateboarding magazine from Poland.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

After every good photo session, I am convinced that I want to do it. I like to meet new people, new places, actually everything that is associated with photography.

Can anybody be a good photographer?

Yes, I think. I don’t believe in “talent”. Success is just very hard work and a lot of time spent with trying new things, looking for inspirations and new ideas. But I think very important is to love what we do, not just chasing money. It should be an added value to what we love to do, not a priority.

What camera do you use?

I use Canon 1Ds mark III.

How much does it cost?

Actually, I don’t know. Canon no longer produces this model.

Who or what inspires you?

I have several favorite photographers from Poland. Miłosz Rebeś, Dominika Cuda, Jan Kriwol, Marek Ogień. I often look for inspiration on instagram.

Your favorite photo…

The next one I’m going to take haha.

Have you found your style or are you still experimenting?

There are many things in photography what I like more or less. But Im still looking for my own style.

Have you got your phone full of telephone numbers of beautiful girls?

What’s the dream?

Making photos for streetwear brands all around the world.

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