Krzysztof Jackowski runs a business registered as “paranormal services”, he also conducts courses of clairvoyance. On his website, he claims that 80% of his predictions come true but his time, he warns Poles about the impact of cold, which is about to happen soon. According to him, in 2018/2019 we have to expect the winter of the century.

Polish psychotherapist Krzysztof Jackowski has been involved in predicting the future for over 20 years. A fortune-teller from Człuchów, he has already helped in finding over 700 people and in solving more than 1,000 other puzzles and mysteries, such as finding works of art, searching for animals or lost documents. An unusual man has been cooperating with state organs like police or prosecutors for years, and the Police have officially confirmed the skills of Krzysztof Jackowski.


Predictions of Krzysztof Jackowski

The clairvoyant has made hundreds of reliable predictions. He even predicted the bombing of the Middle East by the Americans. He also helped the police in the famous case of the fate of 2-year-old Szymon, who was killed by his parents. In December 2010 he also told us about his vision, in which he saw a great earthquake that will move the world in 2011.

As we remember, a year later an earthquake took place in Japan. The clairvoyant runs his YouTube channel, where he talks about his visions and thoroughly analyzes them.

Winter of the century 2018 – when will it come? Prophecy

This time Jackowski had a vision for the winter of 2018/2019. According to the seer, we have great cause for concern. We have something to fear because, in the words of Mr. Krzysztof ‘We are waiting for catastrophic storms, great frosts, frosted car windows and ice on the roads. December 2018 will start very warmly and we will have record highs but soon after we will experience a serious attack of winter’. Jackowski announces heavy snowfalls and severe frosts between December 15 and December 24, 2018. Then the weather will give way a bit, returning in January and February with redoubled strength. According to the clairvoyant ‘in relation to the last 10 winters, it will be a particularly cold one. January and February will be so cold that it will be the coldest winter that the millennial generation will have ever seen’.

Should we be afraid of the Arctic winter in 2018?

So far, 40 years ago is considered the winter of the last century. At the turn of 1978 and 1979, the snowfall was so intense that the whole country was paralyzed for a few weeks. Violent snowstorms, long hours of blizzards and terrible frosts caused Poland to plunge into chaos. Over 18,000 kilometers of roads were covered. In the north of the country, the snow drifts were up to 3.5 meters and in most cities, there was no public transport, about 800 local and suburban trains were canceled, because the frost caused the rails to break, and the crossovers froze. There was a shortage of energy resources, so despite the tragic cold, the radiators were cold and there was no hot water.

Will the prophecy of Krzysztof Jackowski come true this time? Let’s hope not. But just in case, you can start collecting candles and canned food supplies ?

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