Every year, there are more and more electric scooter operators on the streets. This solution is more ecological than a car, and at the same time usually faster and handier than a city bike. Although, for longer journeys, an Uber works out cheaper.

The first electric scooters appeared on the streets of Warsaw in autumn 2018. At the beginning there was not much choice, today the market is saturated with American Bird, Lithuanian CityBee, German Hive, Estonian Bolt, as well as Polish Bllinkee City. They all guarantee similar speeds of 25-30 km / h so the main difference in some cases is prices, and in a few cases they differ significantly.


Prices for renting an electric scooter. Which one is the cheapest?

Lime currently has the largest fleet of electric scooters. They are everywhere. However, the competition is strong and offers are slightly different. Below are the price plans for each carrier…

  • Lime: 2 PLN for start / 45 gr minute
  • Hive: 2 PLN for start / 45 gr minute
  • CityBee: PLN 2 per start / 45 gr minute
  • Blinkee City: 2.5 PLN for start / 49 gr minute
  • Bird: 3 PLN for a star / 50 gr minute
  • Bolt: PLN 1 for start / 60 gr minute

Remember the traffic rules

In mid-2019, the government presented an amendment to the regulations aimed at regulating the use of electric scooters around Polish cities.  Now when riding a scooter, we must follow certain rules.

According to the regulations, personal transport devices, e.g. electric scooters, are vehicles and will be treated like bicycles. When riding a scooter, we must use bike lanes and roads or roadsides, and only in extreme situations will the scooter be allowed to enter the pavement. You can ride a scooter on the street only if there is a speed limit of 30 km / h on the road and you are not allowed to ride them on fast roads.

Regarding the legal age, people under 10 years of age, due to their safety and other traffic users, even under the care of parents or legal guardians cannot ride on electric scooters.

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