Streetwise recently hooked up with ZWINNeMIASTO who are probably the largest importers of scooters in Poland and agreed that we could road test their numerous models. Firstly I must say nothing can be compared to trying the newest and craziest scooters on the market and having spoken to owner Marek, we decided to start from the top! This means the 15,000 PLN Dualtron Thunder!

The Dualtron Thunder review is the most exciting and scariest review we’ve done. I’ve heard from several enthusiasts that the Thunder is probably the best scooter to buy right now. The amount of hype around this DualTron is crazy, which is why I couldn’t wait to plant my feet on its deck. First thing was first though, check the tire pressure!

DualTron Thunder is one of those scooters that are as fast and as heavy as a small motorcycle or moped. Unlike the latter, the Thunder can be easily stored in your bedroom. Also, the handlebars can be easily folded so it can literally be kept under your bed!

Let me start by saying this scooter is a monster! For a normal electric scooter — even a performance one — we floor the accelerator trigger and are sometimes left wanting more.  This was not the case for the Dualtron Thunder scooter.

The Thunder’s dual motors (one on each wheel) are the star of the show.  They give incredible torque when launching the scooter from a standstill.  You can easily spin both wheels, even at surprisingly high speeds. Talking of which, the Thunder can exceed speeds of 80km per hour!

To feed these two amazing motors, the Thunder is equipped with a huge battery that takes approximately 20 hours to be fully charged. Optionally there are two alternatives to improve the waiting time. The first option is to connect a second charger, which reduces the waiting time by half or use the high-performance charger with an effective charging time of 5 hours! Although, you won’t be needing to recharge that often because the Thunder has a range of 120km. Amazing!

What’s great about the Thunder also, it has a huge 30cm wide deck for maximum stability and confidence at high speeds.  The extra-wide size expands the possible foot positions on this scooter and ensures that you’ll always be able to get in the most stable position for your riding circumstance.

On the right side of the handlebars, you will find the standard Dualtron EYE LCD Display which shows speed, distance, and battery. It also has an index-finger-controlled throttle and buttons for adjusting scooter settings.

I would give the designers a 10 out of 10 for making this scooter look really premium. If you like to show off, you gonna love this bad boy. The massive body of the Thunder makes any other scooter look cheap in comparison; even the most mundane parts of it, like the lights, look like decorations thanks to the good design and color scheme. The two strips of LED lighting on the bar are the cherry on the cake, making this scooter look like a high-tech device.

Of course, all this technology and design means the Thunder suffers when it comes to its weight. It weighs the equivalent of a small woman, 42kg. It is true that it is heavier than other commercial scooters in the market but these definitely do not reach the performance numbers that the Dualtron Thunder has and due to its heavy weight, it feels more stable than the usual scooter. Anyway, if you’re looking for a scooter for daily commuting, then it is probably more scooter than you need. You won’t be hefting this scooter up flights of stairs or zipping in an out of shops and restaurants. 

However, if you are looking for the fastest, highest performance, bullet-proof, most beast mode scooter ever — then the Dualtron Thunder is your best bet. If you want to use your electric scooter to travel at a farther distance, then this is the ultimate choice. Or even if you just like the thrill of driving on two wheels at high speed, feeling the danger and the need to feel alive, Dualtron Thunder will definitely be your perfect company. It can be easily considered the king of scooters and its elevated price only adds to the prestige of owning one.

Click here to road test your Dualtron Thunder today.

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