What better way than to find out about what’s hot and what’s not in Poznan’s club scene than by speaking to one of its Dj’s. Born in Iran, DJ Khashi tells us where we can find the best music, atmosphere, drugs and of course the prettiest girls ?

photographer: Iman Esfandiyar

Hi. Firstly tell us about the club scene in Iran…

In Iran there is no official club scene. It is 100% underground. Most parties are found out in the suburbs in a huge house with a pool, drugs and plenty women! The fact its sooo underground makes for a crazy party!

Are the laws strict against clubbing?

Sure. Super dangerous. At the very least for a DJ your equiptment will be confiscated!

Cant you bribe the police?

Sometimes. But even this can be expensive.

Is Iran as scary as the media makes it to be?

Not at all. We just have idiot politicians who say really stupid things which the rest of the world picks up on. Otherwise the people are normal and its a great place to live. The people have tried to get rid of the crazy politicans but its very difficult. They will shoot you if you protest. Its crazy!!!

TBT Wspomnienie godzinnego set’u w Projekt Lab / TBT an amazing hour Set long at Projekt LAB ?

Posted by Khäshî on Thursday, January 3, 2019

So why Poland?

Why not?

What do you normally play?

Mostly techno and house if the club wants me too.

How about pop music?

Hahaha. noooo. Maybe for a million złoty ?

photographer: Iman Esfandiyar

Where do you play in Poznań?

Many places such as Projekt Lab, Przelot, Nocny Targ, NOT, Schron, House Szkolna and in the summer Brzeg Wschodni because its outdoors.

Where can we find the best vibe?

I would say Schron. Its really hard underground techno and the people go there for the music. You can say its intense and a proper rave!

Best drugs?

Projekt Lab and Schron are pretty good. Tama isnt bad either. hahaha

Do DJ’s get hit on by girls?

Sometimes. Depends on the place and the vibe that night.

So where are the prettiest girls?

Próznośc. Its expensive but the girls are insane!!!

photographer: Iman Esfandiyar

What are your TOP 3 clubs in Poznań right now?

Tama, Projekt Lab and Schron in that order.

Why is Tama number one?

Always has a great atmosphere and the Dj’s they invite are from all over the world and top quality. They have the biggest stage also. The three I mentioned though are all amazing!

How about the worst club?

Cuba Libre. Its not for me . I cant listen to that music. Painful!!!

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