Do you know how many Poles died in fatal car crashes in Poland last year? Probably not because the government has simply stopped publishing the statistics.

Thanks though to the results of the latest data from the European Commission we now know. 25.1 thousand people were killed on roads across the EU last year. That means a 1 percent drop compared to 2017. In Poland 2862 were killed in the same period, the number of victims increased by 31 which is an 11 percent increase!

Polish drivers abroad

Do not be surprised – the fatal reputation of Polish drivers is confirmed by the latest data. According to the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (PBUK),  Last year, Poles caused over 75 thousand accidents abroad – 10,000 more than a year earlier! That’s more than 11 percent of total accidents in the EU.

There has also been an increase in Polish drivers involved in accidents abroad who do not have car insurance. The number of such accidents has steadily increased over the last years from 365 in 2014 to 493 in 2018.

So what is the reason for this phenomenom? Some say it’s because Poles tend to drive abroad on their holidays rather than fly like many westeners do. Others say that the driving tests in Poland are not at a high enough standard. The fact also that driving on high speed roads such as motorways is not part of driving lessons doesnt help for sure. Lets just hope that the rising numbers of crashes start to decline!

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