People who use cocaine are a little more impatient than the average pizza eater. With these clients in mind, drug dealers have adapted their business models.

In the UK for example, cocaine is delivered to customers’ homes faster than pizza. At least that’s what respondents surveyed in the Global Drug Survey 2018 say. Nearly 40% of the Colombian delicacy users in the UK say they can get cocaine in 30 minutes. 

So how about Poland? 23% of respondents in Poland say they can get cocaine delivered to their homes in less than 30 minutes. 64% of respondents say they can have the white powder delivered on the same day.

However, due to the fact that many customers are more concerned about the delivery time than the quality of the product, the trend of bringing cocaine like a pizza can have dangerous consequences – says the GDS report for 2018. It is now about increasing the mass of the product with harmful substances and the overall market-quality of cocaine has decreased, through increased demand. Just like sushi – once a dish for the elite, today you can get poor sushi in every corner.

Traditional street trading is becoming less and less the preferred form of transaction for both consumers and marketers. On the other hand, deep web markets allow safe delivery of drugs straight to the letterbox. With the added reassurance of supplier’s ratings on the dark web, it makes this method of delivery more and more secure.

The report was created by examining 130,000 drug users from 44 countries. We would like to remind you that in Poland, drugs – even those delivered to mailboxes – harm health and are illegal.

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