Queen Margot Whiskey is Lidl’s alcohol, which has made a sensation at the prestigious “World Whiskeys Awards” competition. During the first round in the “blended” category below 12 years, Lidl’s product outclassed the twice-priced Johnny Walker Black Label.

You do not have to be the owner of a yacht or a member of a prestigious golf club to be able to enjoy “the best Scotch” in the world thanks to the Lidl own distilled whiskey.

 Even though its the best whiskey in the world, Lidl still sells Queen Margot for around 70 PLN

Forty connoisseurs from all over the world decided about the qualities of Lidl’s whiskey and in their opinion, the 8-year-old blended whiskey sold this year beats its competitors which is a little embarrassing for Johnny Walker Black Label.

When in Lidl next time we recommend you give it a try and make your own mind up but we love it. Especially the price which is about half of a Johnny Walker Black Label.

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