Car cinemas have extraordinary magic and create a nostalgic ambiance amongst its viewers. One event combines cinemagoers and motoring enthusiasts with each other. The phenomenon started a dozen or so years ago in American films which saw car cinemas pop up all over Europe. 

With the warmer months now in Poland we are seeing them also pop up in various cities and in June, July and August, the car cinema will visit Białołęka, and more precisely the parking lot of the shopping center at ul. Marywilska 44. Last year’s edition was really popular so organizers have decided to do it again this year.

Photo by Bartłomiej Międzybrodzki

The good thing is it’s also free so don’t miss the chance to take part in this great activity! If you haven’t got a car then hire one ?

Car cinema, Warsaw – repertoire
28.06, at 21:30 – “Apprentice” (directed by N. Meyers) 
26.07, at 21:30 – “It’s good to lie in good company” (directed by P. Genovese) 
30/08, at 21:00 – “Going in Style” (directed by Z. Braff)

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