Bungee season is here so we have looked around for the best, highest and most importantly safest bungee jumps in Poland. Have you got what it takes? All organizers below are fully certified to the highest quality standards, which is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificates which they each hold. Click on bungee names to be directed to their websites…


222 m | Głogów| MAP

The highest jumping facility in Europe and the second highest of all bungees in Poland. Its original height is 218m. A platform was built to increase the object by 4 m and extended 10 m above the outline of the chimney jacket to maximize the safety of the jumper. Thanks to this construction, the chimney in Głogów has 222m, more than the famous dam in Switzerland, from which James Bond jumped. This is a hardcore bungee jump, not for the faint-hearted! Remember to add 150PLN if you want the jump to be recorded!


40 m | Wroclaw Stadium

Stand at the foot of the Stadion in Wrocław and look up. If you see a jumper flying in your direction, it means that you just saw the most extreme attraction in Wroclaw! See the city from an unusual perspective and feel one if the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

Dream Jump is an amazing jump, which was created to extend the moment of free fall. Thanks to the patented rope system, the jump from the 40-meter stadium takes as much as the bungee lift from a height of 90 meters!


252 m | Szczecin

The highest bungee jump used to be in China. Not any more! Big Tower in Szczecin is the world’s highest rope jump. It’s adrenaline at the highest possible level. It’s so high the organizers need to check weather conditions prior to jumping as the top of the chimney sometimes is in the clouds!

This is adrenaline to the max and many quit at the top when they realize just how high the jump really is. Money is paid in advance and is not refundable so you will have precious seconds to decide. To jump or not to jump. That is the question!


90 m | Kraków

As the only one in Krakow, they use a tower crane, which allows you to jump from a height of 90m. They do not make reservations so it is enough to appear during the opening hours given on the website

Bungee Mario – 130 PLN

90 m | Warsaw

Arrive at this site and muster up the courage to jump off a platform 90m high!  Simple, adrenaline fuelled fun, perfect for thrill seekers or cruel stag party organizers hoping to see a wet patch appear on the stag’s trousers… prior reservation is required, then just turn up and jump


90 m | Gdańsk

The only company in Gdansk that organize bungee jumping, using the tower crane, allowing for the jump from a height of 90m. Amazing views of the stadium!

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