Brain Damage Gallery will present the best of world street art, including Banksy, during the Art Fair in Warsaw.

Artists connected to the gallery will prepare a mural specially designed to celebrate the Fair of Art, which will be created live in front of the visitors of the event. The fair will take place on March 2-3, 2019 and if your interested in buying some art, prices range from 50PLN to 5000PLN.

Brain Damage Gallery cooperates with the most prominent representatives of street art in the world, develops its own collection, generates events in urban space, organizes film and publishing premieres, and provides consultancy in the field of collecting art related to the broadly understood urban art. Brain Damage Gallery offers works of the most important Polish and world street art creators.

The gallery’s activities normally take place outside of Poland, and exhibitions and projects organized by the gallery were held, among others in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Stockholm, Paris, Kiev, Minsk, Tbilisi, Lisbon and New York.

Pieces prepared for the Fair of Art will include works from artists such as Banksy, Chazme, Finer, Young Dron, NAWER, Paweł Ryżko, Sainer, Sicoer, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Zbiok Czajkowski and Zedz.



11.00 – Krzysztof Rodak, artist (ground floor)

„Fresco today and yesterday. What is the difference between a fresco and a mural? “

12.00 – Natalia Sopoćko, DESA Modern (1st floor)

“Inkografia i serigrafia as an idea for making works of contemporary art more popular”

13.00 – Andrzej Dudziński, artist (1st floor)

„Limitless creativity. What is and how assemblage is made “

14.00 – Piotr Kasprzak, artist (1st floor)

 “Lithography. Secrets of a forgotten graphic technique. “

15.00 – Cezary Hunkiewicz, Brain Damage Gallery (ground floor)

“Banksy and others. The collector aspect of street art “

16.00 – Paweł Morawski, Elmax/Signify (1st floor)

“Light and the perception of art. How to properly illuminate artistic objects “

17.00 – Krzysztof Rusiecki, artist (1st floor)

“A world in a grain of sand. On painting as a magical ritual “


11.00 – Janusz Mulak, artist (1st floor)

“Art on the screen. What is video-art about? “

12.00 – Renata Kluczyńska, artist, interior architect (1st floor)

“Object in space. How to display works of art in the interior?”

13.00 – Rafał Łochowski, LEICA 6×7 Gallery (1st floor)

“Artistic photography. What do you need to know about it, how to collect it?

14.00 – Krzysztof Renes, artist (1st floor)

“A sculpture made of metal. How was it created in the past, how is it created today? “

15.00 – AUCTION of graphic art organized by the Pragaleria Gallery (1st floor)

The fair will take place in the BABKA event space at ul. Młocińska 5/7 (next to Arkadia and Rondo Radosława, previously known as Rondo Babka) in Warsaw and tickets are only 10PLN. For more

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