Two art shows at the National Museum in Warsaw: “Consumer Art” by Natalia LL from 1972 and “The Appearance of Lou Salome” by Katarzyna Kozyra from 2005 shocked the new director of the Museum to such an extent that he ordered their removal. This, in turn, caused an even greater commotion not only in the artistic world but with normal everyday people.

Professor Jerzy Miziołek, the new director of the National Museum in Warsaw, judged the artist’s works as iconoclastic and scandalous youth. He explains that many parents who visited the museum made complaints. This is a ridiculous decision. Where will we draw the line? Can he just decide on his own what is ok and what is not? In this case, we should take down the internet because it’s much more of a danger to children than this.

Ever since the news spread about the removal of the works, the artistic environment reacted immediately, expressing its disapproval of the decision of Professor Miziołek in social media. One of the first people who criticized the censorship in MNW included Sylwia Chutnik, art historian and former head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, dr Piotr Rypson, writer Jacek Dehnel, Grzegorz Piątek, architecture critic and curator.

However, not only the artistic milieu is outraged. On instagram, you can check under #bananaselfie for example and see thousands of normal people showing their disgust of the decision.

In our opinion, he should resign or be fired and the art returned to the museum. Again, this seems to be political correctness gone mad! Here are some of the more popular hashtags to check #bananwrogiemnarodu, #aferabananowa, #nataliall #sztukakonspcyjna, #katarzynakozyra, #bananaselfie.

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