Sometimes we come across a place we never knew existed. You might live 100m from a place and have never seen it. Asian Fyrtel is such a place. Located in a place where passers-by are a rare sight and people seeking a place to eat do not frequent. Unless you know about the place then you’ve probably missed it. With prices starting from 3 PLN for some grilled options such as Szaszyk z WieprzowinyWell, we know about this place and can’t get enough of it. We met up with owners Chao and Eason for a chat…..

Hi guys. So you are two business partners, right?

Chao – Yes. Eason and I both run Asian Fyrtel.

How do you know each other?

Actually, it was really by chance. We both have a passion for cycling and we both met at a cycling group one day here in Poznań and starting talking and quickly became good friends.


Who decided to open a restaurant?

We both decided together. As well as a passion for cycling we quickly realized that we both loved cooking also. Especially Asian food as we are from Asia after all!

Which part of Asia are you both from?

I’m from Taiwan and Chao is from mainland China.

So you have Chinese and Taiwanese food at Asian Fyrtel?

Sure. But not only. We also have Japanese Ramen for example or Korean Barbecue.

WOW! What is Korean barbecue?

In fact, we have a buffet offer you should try. For 80zł you can eat as much Korean barbecue food as you want including drinks. Actually, you can even choose from other positions on the menu including dumplings of course.

Awesome! But what is your personal favorite on the menu? 

Chao – For me its Baozi with chicken and Kim Chi.

Eason – For me, it’s definitely the Taiwanese dumplings with pork and vegetables (Xiao Long Bao). Delicious:)

Eason in the kitchen

So tell us how you both ended up in Poland?

This is simple. We both came here to study and we like Poznań so much we decided to stay for a while and see what happens. It turns out we made a good choice because we now have our own business:)

How do you find life as an Asian person living in Poznań?

We heard that some foreign people have had some problems but we have been made to feel very welcome.

Chicken Curry Japanese style

I see you have Kurczak Curry (Chicken Curry). Is that Indian?

Hahahaha. No. Its actually a very popular dish here at Asian Fyrtel. It’s a Japanese dish.

What is the biggest difference between Asia and Europe?

Asian cities are too busy. People never relax and enjoy life. Europeans are more laid back and enjoy themselves more.

Finally, would you say your food is similar to what we can find in Asia? Or have you made some changes for the European palate?

No way! We want Poznanians to taste really authentic food. As the Italians always say…’ It’s just like mama used to make:)’

If you like Asian food then we highly recommend you pay Chao and Eason a visit. Their food definitely smacks of homemade, authentic Asian food and their passion is evident in everything they prepare. Not to mention the prices are awesome! They speak English and are always happy to explain what each dish is and recommend you something special. And if you’re pushed for time then they do take away also:) Highly recommended!

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