Tucked away in the middle of Wszystkich Świętych Street is Asian Fyrtel, an Asian restaurant getting a lot of attention for its authentic Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean food. Streetwise recently sat down for an interview with owners Chao and Eason. I went by to see what they’re up to and try the food.

Welcome Addition

I use the word “tucked away” because Asian Fyrtel is not a restaurant you find by chance. Unless you set out on a mission to get your Asian food fix — as I was — it’s hard to find. Though I have a great sense of direction, I had to use the handy Streetwise City Guide to find it. I later learned that the word fyrtel is Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) slang for spot or corner. My friend and I arrived at a time when the place wasn’t too busy, which was ideal as I was looking forward to meeting the owners and chatting them up. And that’s how I met Chao and Eason.

Friends and business partners, the two are welcoming and excited to talk about their love of cycling and good food. They decided to open a business and share authentic Asian food with the rest of Poznań. According to Chao, the restaurant is quite new. Having opened for business in January, Asian Fyrtel has been busy as more and more customers return to eat. The place is a welcome addition to in Poznań’s diverse food scene.

dumpling steaming basket with Asian Fyrtel logo. Source: Kisho Jeganathan

Difficult Decisions

It was during this chat over the bar that my eyes wandered to the menu and I asked them about the most popular dishes. “We love everything,” said Chao. I believed him; the smell coming from the kitchen was enough proof. I asked the duo for their personal recommendations because let’s face it, not even I can try everything on the menu in one sitting. But if you can, try their buffet offer — its only 80zł and well worth the money.

Two jasmine-infused teas later, this is what graced our table. Yes, it did taste as good as it looks. But first, let me tell you why.

Asian Fyrtel dumplings. Left to right, Pierozki XiaoLongBao, Pierozki z słodka pasta, and shaomai. Source: Kisho Jeganathan

Authentic Asian Dumplings

On the left is Pierozki “XiaoLongBao”: a soft steamed bun akin to a dumpling and is very popular in China. The buns came in bamboo baskets in which they were steamed and holy moly, did they smell heavenly! I wasted no time digging in and was pleased to find it soft, packed to the brim with pork and a nice mix of spices that weren’t too overpowering.

On a side note, all the bamboo baskets were engraved with the Asian Fyrtel logo which I found to be a nice little touch.

Up next on the right was the Pierozki “Shaomai,” a treat that Eason promised us was very popular in Hong Kong and China and with good reason. The dumplings contained a healthy mix of spices which I could not identify (Eason wouldn’t let me in on his secret ingredients) and was topped off with a single shrimp. A healthy dollop of chili oil paste made them pleasantly spicy. According to my dumpling aficionado friend the shaomai were some of the best she has ever had.

Finally, (smack in the middle of the picture) my favorite dish that night was – Pierozki z słodka pasta. This, I feel is something many of my Polish friends can relate to, as sweet cabbage dumplings seem as popular here as they are in Asia. The exterior of the dumpling was thick but soft which made getting to the stuffing a delicate pleasure. The stuffing was just the right consistency, not too sweet but palatable. All of this washed down with a big mug of jasmine-infused tea made me a very satisfied customer!

source: SW


So the question is, would I go there again? Definitely!

Asian Fyrtel provides excellent value for the money. The food is made from scratch and had me hooked from the first dumpling. The portions are sizable and the service is very efficient. All the staff speak good English and do not hesitate to translate the menu, which for now is only in Polish. And if you have any select dietary preferences, speak to the chef! There is always a workaround!

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