Łódz has so many tattoo studios it was very hard to pin down just a few. By visiting each one, soaking up the atmosphere and speaking to the artists and owners, we managed to come up with 9 studios we love for different reasons. A tattoo studio in our opinion should be able to offer something more, something different, something unique and we believe we have found them. Click on studio names to be directed to their FB page.

Solek Tattoo

Tattoo Solek appeared in 2009 just outside the city center in Łódź. Owner Marek Soliński a.k.a. “Solek” has been in the business for over 10 years and is very well known for his colorful tattoos. Mareks preferred style is realism and cartoons in strong colors and you can see him in numerous conventions in Poland and abroad.

It is worth mentioning that Marek cooperates with and is sponsored by Tattooshop.es in Spain. His biggest achievements include awards from Spain, Portugal, and Israel. Also with Marek works Daria Madej who joined the crew 2 years ago and helps to manage the studio and also deals with laser removal. Marek has a unique personality and is a great guy.

Inne Tatuaze

Inne Tatuaze is located in Piotrkowska street in the heart of the city center. It was founded by Inez Janiak in July and now has a crew of 4 people. Inez is one of the best-known tattoo artists in Poland and famous for her sketch style.

Next up is Lothary who represents a graphic style and Ewowska is characterized by minimalistic graphics tattoos. At the reception, you will be met by Kamil – Manager and studio photographer. Great studio!

Double 5

The second largest studio in Łódz, Double 5 has been around since 2010 and is very active at tattoo conventions. Founded by Andrzej Karasiński a.k.a.
Karaś, the crew consists of 11 artists, which gives them the opportunity to work in numerous styles, from ignorant, minimalism, lettering, dot, sketch, old school, traditional and realism.

Double 5 is well known in the industry, has a great atmosphere and is often visited by famous clientele including Marcin Gortat who plays in the NBA and other well-known people such as Olympian Roksana Zasina, athlete Justyna Saganiak and musician Dominik Witczak.

Przestrzeń Tattoo

Probably one of the newest studios in Łódż by name but was recently known as Zajawa tattoo. Recent changes and a new co owner have led to a brand new fresh concept which makes Przestrzeń a breath of fresh air. In the soon to open new location, you can expect at least 6 tattoo artists, a couple of apprentices and an artistic atmosphere combined with an art gallery.

They take their tattoos very seriously and you can count on a high level of creativity every time. Expect art exhibitions to be a regular event also. Currently still located at Północna 1, the new location will be on Zachodnia 44 so look out for the opening party on their Facebook page!

Hard to Forget

Hard to forget exists since 2009 and is located in the very center of Łódź. It is run by Tomasz “Jelon” Rogowski, who has been piercing since the beginning of time! The crew consists of artists such as Damian Wojt, Sara Sapkowska, Kama Tattoo, Anna Rozwadowska, Adam Pawłowski and Deyf Tattoozz.

This stylistically diverse composition is able to take on any topic of work and positively surprise the customer with its form. Hard to Forget has one of our favorite interiors also and will impress as you enter.

Sigil Tattoo 1 / Studio 2

Sigil Tattoo & Piercing this year celebrated its grand twentieth anniversary, which apart from the birthday party was accompanied by a number of events. The studio was founded in 1998. by a tattoo artist, a graduate of the Phetrus Academy, as well as a manager and a piercer, Andrzej Gagz.

The studio is incredibly creative, full of trust and even has a family atmosphere. Sigil Tattoo changed their location several times, constantly looking for new talented artists and improving its standard.

With 2 studios in the very center of Łódź and numerous artists, you have every chance to get an appointment straight away. Studio 1 is located on Piotrkowska 25 and Studio 2 on 6-Sierpnia 1/3. Enjoy!


Opened in 2011 and until 2018, Lunar was known as Kamea Tattoo. Due to changes in management, a new place and a whole new crew they have created a completely different place than it was a few years ago.

The crew now consists of 7 people, including 6 tattoo artists. Each one of them specialized in a different style, but every one of them focused on artistic growth. All of them together create a special place with a sense of passion in the air and where laughter is commonplace.


Professional studio founded 10 years ago by Przemek “łysy anioł” Gujszczak who has 12 years experience in the business. The studio focuses on the art of tattooing and love towards it. Located just outside the city center, one thing you notice when you walk in is the passion. Its quite infectious. The crew is full of great artists from all around the globe each offering their own unique style. Expect a lot of guest spots also.

Think Tattoo

Established in 2016 by Loco, Think Tattoo is more workshop than just a tattoo studio. Located in the center of Łódź, it’s hidden in the attic of Arnold Stiller’s palace. We love the fact that to enter the studio you have to get into a black room and walk thru a closet into the main room. Almost like a fairytale entrance. Brilliant! There you will find a beautiful skylight which allows bright natural lighting into the room all day long.

As well as being a really talented tattoo artist and painter, Loco also arranges art exhibitions and uses the space for various creative activities. They definitely don’t like copies or mainstream designs at Think Tattoo that’s for sure. Probably the most individual experience you will have amongst the studios in this list. If your looking for something brilliant and unique then give Think Tattoo a try.

Strzyga Tattoo

Strzyga Tattoo Studio was founded in 2015 by tattooist Maciej Karśnicki with the help of his close friend Rafał Szula. Since then, Strzyga has become a place where numerous apprentices started their adventure with tattooing, due to the fact that Maciek is known for being very open and helpful to anyone who really wants to learn.

Strzyga has three main tattooists Maciej, Rafał, Ola, and a piercer Marta. Each of them specializes in their own unique styles but all three of them are inspired by dark style projects, Slavic and Nordic mythology. Very friendly place ?

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