Summer is here and maybe you are thinking of lazing around on a beach somewhere. Problem is, some of the well-known beaches are packed like sardines in the summer months. We have done some digging and discovered 8 uninhabited beaches only visited by the few locals that live close by. There not so easy to get to (probably why they are deserted) but once there you will feel like you’re on your own private deserted island. So make the effort and visit at least one of them! All places have been confirmed by locals.


Paradise! Go to Lubiatowo – before you get to the beach, you have to “break” two kilometers by dirt road through pine forests. But it is worth it – a wide beach awaits, and few, very few sunbathers …

Woliński National Park

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Woliński National Park
More specifically, a fragment of the coast between Międzyzdroje and Międzywodzie. This is an area with natural conditions that will delight everyone without exception. The impressive landscapes provide 90-meter cliffs as well as forests reaching the shoreline itself.

To get to the wild beach in Wolin you have two options. From the west, follow the national road to Międzyzdroje and bounce up. And from the east, you get here by provincial road No. 102, which runs along the coastline and connects all coastal towns from Rewal to the east. On the Międzyzdroje-Międzywodzie section, they include Biała Góra, Grodno or Świętouść. We can only find accommodation directly on the wild beach at the campsite – the last of these places that can boast such an offer.


Podobny obraz

In this small town on Wolin Island, we found a very elegant, cozy and secluded place. To get to the sea is a 1.2 km path through the forest and at the end a beautiful wild beach.


Dąbkowice is a small town on the spit separating Lake Bukowo from the Baltic Sea. It consists of several cottages, a small holiday resort, and the Maritime Office as well as a bar and a shop. All in all, it is enough, because the biggest attraction is the beautiful, empty beach with bright, fine sand.


Słowiński Park Narodowy

This unusual, wild landscape of the Polish Baltic coast can be found between Ustka and Rowy. It is also a paradise for anglers – a small river flows into the sea, creating a deeply indented valley. Poddąbie is the only village in the area. Located among the forests, the village offers a good selection of guest rooms. It is not easy to get here. You should follow the Ustka road no. 21, then turn on the GPS or equip yourself with a good current map. Only narrow municipal roads lead to Poddąbie.

Słowiński National Park Sand Dunes

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Wydmy Słowińskiego Parku Narodowego plazaThe next stop is a bit outside of Łeba. Spectacular views of the Baltic Sea are the advantages of the dunes of the Słowiński National Park, and it is from Łeba that you can get there. It is a huge wild area between Ustka and Łeba. Fine white sand, as well as views of the Baltic Sea and the Łebsko Lake, set this place apart. They are the largest sand dunes in Central Europe. Their height reaches up to 50 meters! To get here you need to first get a car or bus from Łeba to the town of Rąbka. The beach is a short walk from the village.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania stilo plaża

The end of the Mierzeja Sarbska Nature Reserve is the least developed and thus a truly wild part of the coast. There is a lighthouse, which is the only building by the sea a dozen or so kilometers east. Coastal areas are overgrown with old yew trees that form the “Choczewskie Cisy” reserve, and several small tourist towns (including Sasinko, Lubiatowo, Białogóra) are located a considerable distance from the sea. Therefore, to get here, you’ll have to make an effort. But it’s worth it, especially when you’ve got the beach all to yourself.


Rusinowo, located right outside the bustling seaside town, Jarosławiec, boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the central part of the Polish coast. But even today you will only be greeted by a few locals lying in the sand listening to the sound of the sea.

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