They run ultra-right Twitter accounts, drive around Poland organizing campaigns and sometimes even riots. So who are these Polish “patriots”.

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The existence of nationalists in Poland is no joke. Most operate within the framework of the National Movement uniting several organizations: MW, ONR, the Independence March Association, the Association of National Soldiers of the Armed Forces, local movements and Women for the Nation. Although Bartosz Bekier is the exception and runs his own organization.

Patryk Kobyłko

Patryk was  recently seen at the Equality March in Lublin, in a truly revolutionary pose and with a clenched fist shouting “We will kill you all.”  He is 18 years old and presents himself as a rightist and eurosceptic. After this infamous picture circulated and social media blew up all around him, he removed his photographs from Facebook. 

In addition, a person being harassed by Patryk Kołbyko reported him to the Monitoring Center for Racism and Xenophobia. The girl said that Kołbyko is stalking her on the internet and sending her racist text messages on her phone. The girl decided to make the text public and at the same time report the matter to the police. One of the text messages from Kołbuszko was ” One day I will have the blood of rainbow riff in my hands .”

Jacek Lanuszny

Part of the National Movement in Upper Silesia. He belonged also to the Duma i Nowoczesność association and was recently seen pubicly documenting the burning of the swastika during a “Hitler’s birthday” ceremony.

In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, he stated that the negative broadcast of TVN’s reportage did not hurt him “in his private, professional or political life”.

– I had such fears, but in general it even made me more popular – he points out. As a councilman, he wants to support patriotic initiatives.

Robert Bąkiewicz

Deputy head of ONR and president of the board of the Marsz Niepodległości. He recently siad” Democracy is one of the most stupid systems that man created. Currently, there is a civil war that can be clearly seen in the West, but unfortunately, it is also beginning to penetrate our country – he said in an interview with Gazeta Prawna.

Bąkiewicz apparently has an idea for a better system, certainly consistent with his vision of Poland as a refuge of Christianity.

“We will clean Pruszków” – was his slogan when he announced his start in the presidential election of Pruszkow. According to right-wing columnist Joannny Teglund, Robert Bąkiewicz “will be able to ensure the safety of Pruszków residents, and ensure that no more Muslim ghettos that already exist in many places in Poland are not created. He will ensure that children are not indoctrinated by gender ideology in kindergartens “. Bąkiewicz also promises to take care of residents’ claims against Germany.

Krzysztof Bosak

For several years, he has been associated with the National Movement, where he is trying unsuccessfully fight for the chance to be in the next parliamentary elections. He is always very much in the spotlight.

He specializes in the fight against refugees and immigrants from the East, his favorite hashtag is #StopImigracji.

Recently, he has targeted migrants from Asia. On Twitter recently he wrote about Indians from Ubereats. Bosak, however, had reservations about their work. ” Uber Eats driver just passed me – Indian in turban pedaling on a bicycle.  Is this such a need that we need to be multicultural? Does this matter require no debate? “- he wrote on Twitter. In an interview for National Media, he spoke negatively of a “dynamic group coming from Asia” and”continually incoming Vietnamese people with hermetic organized crime”.

On September 3 2018, Krzysztof Bosak posted on Twitter an entry about Chechen refugees who attacked children in Bialystok with a knife. Although the Foreign Office has stressed that this information is untrue, and many politicians accuse him of creating a hateful atmosphere, he still claims ” Stop defending the Chechens, “.

Jacek Międlar

Incredibly, until 2016, he was a priest. He left the monastery after his superiors imposed a ban on his public appearances which were becoming hateful in which various antisemitic statements were repeatedly made. In February last year he was sentenced for insulting Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus on Twitter. ” She is a supporter of death (abortion) and Islamization. Once there was a knife for such prople! Today, truth and prayer “- he wrote.

The prosecutor’s office is also investigating other words of Międlara.

It concerns spreading the speech of hatred towards Jews, which the former priest said during a sermon on the 82nd anniversary of the establishment of the ONR in Białystok. In July, Jacek Międlar, in a column published on his website, called the Jews various hate names and then called on his readers to harvest. ” That’s enough! Time for harvest. It’s time to separate the wheat.  Get out of Poland! ” – he wrote.

Marian Kowalski

He is a candidate for the mayor of Lublin and incredibly also a former candidate for the presidency of Poland. The former deputy head of the National Movement says he is ” against accepting refugees, unless they are white Africans from Africa . 

In an interview for Radio Szczecin, he declared that if he became the president, he would be a Polish Putin.

His dreams include facilitating access to weapons, defending domestic security, and defending Polish soil against foreigners. According to Newsweek, Kowalski recruits troubled, poor, young Poles to his organization. Promising them the dream of an all white Poland.

Adam Andruszkiewicz

Former head of the All-Polish Youth, who became famous because he claimed several tens of thousands of zlotys from the Sejm, even though he did not have a car, driver or driver’s license. He is 27 years old and belongs to many right-wing movements and organizations and has 180,000 fans on Facebook – one of the highest among Polish politicians. Andruszkiewicz is involved in various serious initiatives such as the Young Endcion Academy, which thanks to the lectures given by Rafał Ziemkiewicz is to “create future elites for Poland”. 

Bartosz Bekier

Former head of ONR Mazowsze and former vice president of the party Zmiana and without doubt the most dangerous ulta right person in Poland. The founder of the now permanent march on Warsaw streets and the largest win of the extreme right in the region – the Independence March. On November 11, 2007, about 200 people marched through the streets of the capital. Among them, the local ONR leader Bartosz Bekier, side by side with neo-Nazis from Combat 18 and Blood & Honor.

Currently, he heads the far-right group Falandze. His people allegedly organiz terrorist attacks in Ukraine, impersonating the Banderite nationalists.

They document their “achievements” on the portal ” Polak found the Bandit and killed him ” – this is one of the slogans promoted by volunteer anti-Bandana patrols. The members of Falanga were supporting the separatists in Donbas. Until Kyiv issued a ban on entering Ukraine, Bekier and Falanga went to Donbass, where they prepared films and photos with the participation of pro-Russian troops.

Nationalists have it easy right now, thanks to PiS policy, they can use hate speech in public with impunity, organize rallies and show up with forbidden symbols.

Associations like Never Again and the Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior try to report all cases of offenses related to the persecution of minorities. 

However, many cases are not followed up seriously which is the fault of the Polish government, which in recent years has turned a blind eye to the antics of the nationalists. ” It is necessary for the Government of the Republic of Poland to develop effective ways of responding to acts of hatred, because currently such methods do not exist. 

This phenomenon should be sorted immediately, including by bringing officials using hate speech to justice– wrote Karima Bennoune, a special rapporteur of the United Nations. 

Civil society has engaged in the fight against hate crimes, but not the authorities.

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