Till Death Tattoo

Till Death Tattoo is located in the heart of The Old Town and founded in 2009 by Piotr „Zwierzak” Trager, it is probably one of the first tattoo studios in Toruń. Piotr is a tattoo artist with almost 20-years of experience who decided to change his passion into a way of life and has created a place where every client leaves happy. Piotr a.k.a. Zwierzak is devoted to neotraditional, colorful tattoos with solid contours which have earned him respect at various tattoo conventions both in Poland and abroad.

Currently, the studio has another five tattoo artists who work in different styles. Przemek Chojnacki likes black and grey, dotwork, realism, blackwork graphic and dark. Jakub Tempski a.k.a. jack the lantern, works with neotraditional and old-school. Asia Mikulska likes abstract, watercolor and floral. Kamila ‘Rita’ Zalewska, geometric, sketch, trash polka. Klaudia Kowalenko specializes in black and grey, geometric, linework, mandala, minimalist, graphic, dotwork and blackwork. Finally but not least is Natalia who is a body piercer with over 10-years experience and has performed more than 4000 piercings since she joined the crew. Oh and we nearly forgot, they also do laser removals just in case!

Pheonix Rising Tattoo

Phoenix Rising Tattoo opened in January 2017 by Max Pniewski, an artist with a high international reputation with 20yrs of experience and also the creator of LEGOLISM tattoo style. After changing location to the top floor of the PDT building Phoenix Rising Tattoo now has 4 resident tattoo artists: Max Pniewski, Dawid Falkowski who likes to work with blackwork, Adrianna Grzelak and Maciek Nedynski. They also have 2 regular guest artists that visit the studio every month called Ola Legiec and Martyna Pichalska.

Phoenix Rising Tattoo is also visited by national and international big-name guest artists all the time offering the highest standard of modern tattoo art. Finally but not least is Ewa Krakowska is in charge of piercing and permanent makeup. With over 40 international awards you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

Koszka Tattoo

The crew at Koszka pride themselves as being one of friendliest tattoo parlors in the business. No matter whether you are 20 or 60 years old, you will always be greeted with the legendary “siemano”. When it comes to their work, the emphasis is on an individual approach and always meet their clients before setting an appointment. 

The owner Wiktor Szczypinski has put together a talented crew which includes various styles. Artists are currently Czop who likes sketch work and realism. Ryte who works with illustrative, dot work and linework and Piotr who likes to work with watercolors, expressionism and patterns. They have a saying at Koszka. It goes like this ‘They say no good stories start with a glass of milk, we say it’s bullshit. Our milk’s amazing!’

Alcatraz Tattoo

Alcatraz Tattoo is definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to realistic and surreal style tattoos in Torun. The crew consists of three young and talented artists with numerous awards from Polish conventions. The founders of the studio are two friends so the free and friendly atmosphere is obvious from the moment you walk in.

The level of work performed at Alcatraz will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Expect Marcin Kopczynski , Krystian Włocławski and tattoos_by_zielen to take of your every whim.


Bodyfikacje was founded 5 years ago by artist Tyna Majczuk and has a homely feel with sofas and cushions dotted around the place. Expect a high level of artistic input from the artists and professionalism when getting pierced here. Located in the beautiful old town near the Vistula river, Bodyfikacje has 4 permanent artists and 4 residents.

The team includes Tyna Majczuk (owner, tattooist & piercer) who likes modern freehand painting designs, Maria Kubit who specializes in linear and geometrical custom designs, Juna Handpoke who is brilliant at tiny handpoke cosmic designs and piercer Inez Piercing. Residents include the famous Veronica Carol Blades a.k.a. missxronix who’s passion is (body modification), Bounty Ink who likes deep colors, Krzysztof Pietrowicz a.k.a. Ceentaur whose passion is neo-old school and Pomału Tattoo who loves black raw sketch.

Tattoo Kolektyw

Tattoo Kolektyw is located in the very center of Toruń in one of the most impressive buidings – Dwór Artusa. Founded by Krzysztof Majczuk, in 2016, as well as being a musician in a band called Dogs Head, he now has a team of three tattoo artists Kuba, Ryka and Tom.

Very well organized tattoo studio and we found it to be especially friendly and very hipster. Tattoo Artists include Kuba Jaszczuk (old school, neo-trad, linear, geometric, dot work). Tom Richie (dark sketchy style, dot work) and Ryka (realistic, watercolor).

D13 Diez Trez

Opened in February 2016 by Emilian EMYL, Diez Trez D13 now has 3 professional tattoo artists and one apprentice who are mostly trained at
the Academy of Fine Arts in Torun. Emilian EMYL likes realistic color and b.g. , cartoon and manga. Oskar Gurbada specializes in blackwork, line work and dark style tattoos. Kaska Zielinska, mandala and new school and finally Rafał Rudnicki.

You will find D13 in the heart of the Old Town in a beautiful tenement building and it’s not uncommon to see also artists from all over the world visiting them on guest spots. To sum up, D13 is a highly experienced studio which won’t let you down and where you can feel like at home.

Opium Tattoo

Kejti, owner of Opium Tattoo is a Master of Arts graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Kejti has put together a small team of artists with various styles offering a high standard of work. The interior is tasteful, their coffee even better and the music will normally put you in the right mood no matter what your day is like. The owner says it best ‘We have an old soul in a new building!’

Kejti tattoos in different styles. She likes realistic, neotraditional, cartoons and sometimes blackwork. She also likes fairytale-style projects and is starting to combine realism with cartoon themes. Jarek a.k.a. Bej loves old-school and traditional style tattoos. Despite his love for the old school, he handles graphic projects, blackwork and minimalism also.

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