There is no let up of new vegetarian and vegan restaurants opening all the time. There are just so many people who want to eat healthily from time to time or who have changed their diet completely. Most restaurants have some vegan options but we have focused on vegan/vegetarian restaurants only in the Tricity. Have we missed anything? Here are our favorites…

Falla – Hynka 65, Gdańsk, Gdynia

Probably our favorite vegan restaurant in Tricity. Falafel bowls so good, they make us want to weep. From the assorted pickles to the creamy hummus to the highly addictive seasoned pita bread, Falla churns out dishes that are not only expertly prepared, but also beautifully presented. First-timers will be wise to go for Fatima’s Hand, an impressive assortment of Falla’s best creations, which actually does come in the shape of a hand. Also on the menu: seasonal dishes taking advantage of whatever Polish greengrocers currently have to offer, wraps, shakshouka, Turkish ayran, cocktails, and more. Highly Recommended.

Fukafe – Wajdeloty 22, Gdańsk

One of the first alternative coffee cafes in Gdańsk. And what coffee! Located on Wajdeloty St in Gdańsk, the first thing to try is coffee with vegetable milk (soy, almond, oat, millet), along with a delicious dessert. You can try vegan cakes for 10 to 15 PLN. Banafi cake for example or the Bounty, a boiled coconut with a chocolate ganache on top, is very popular. Great place to chill.


Feed my soul – Plac Dominikański, Gdańsk

Feed my soul is a place where you can eat vegan and no gluten. The premise of the bistro is to promote healthy eating, based on ecological products.

We love the burgers here. You can choose from buckwheat with plum, millet in Chinese style and chickpeas in Hindu style. We also recommend the pancakes with potatoes and smoked tomatoes. Keep a lookout on their FB page because they have something new every day as well.

Prices are quite cheap and range from 6 to 12 PLN or you can go for soup, lunch, and dessert for 18 PLN which is served in a wooden tray. Now that’s a bargain!


Manna 68 – Św Ducha 68, Gdańsk

Manna explores veganism by introducing dishes from cuisines from all over the world which really allows them to explore endless possibilities.

Their passion and enthusiasm to share delicious food are evident in how they present their food. From a vegan burger to pasta to burritos and spring rolls, there is something for everyone. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 22:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00. Make the most of the weather and sit outside in their vegan garden:)


Niemięsny Muka Bar – Jaskółcza 24, Gdańsk

Following the success of their Muka Food Truck, this lot has now opened a permanent place on JaskółczaStreet. There is an excellent choice of falafel, mezze and hummus as well as a vegetarian burger with Halloumi cheese. There’s an all-day breakfast and a great choice of wine and beers too which means we just couldn’t leave this place out of our Top 10.


Avocado vegan food & coffee – Przymorze – Obrońców Wybrzeża 2, Gdańsk

How do falafels on hummus, tam thai diet, spaghetti with green pesto or a woodcutter’s pie sound? Or maybe a frittata (chickpea cake)? In addition to cakes, coffee, tea, and lemonade, you can drink herbal infusions, juices, smoothies, beer, and cider. Amazing!


Vegan Port – ul. Jesionowa 17/1, Gdansk

Vegan Port is one of the few places in Gdańsk where you can taste a fully vege pizza. The menu has more than 12 pizzas at prices ranging from 16 to 28 PLN.

The menu changes every week but recently on the card was Thai Tom Yum soup and spaghetti with bean pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Delicious!

In the warmer months you will also find amazing ice cream flavors such as apple pie, exotic fruit sorbet, salty caramel and others. Scoops cost 3,50PLN


I Krowa cała – Dworcowa 11, Gdynia

For those that like burgers but not meat then this vegan burger shop located just a few steps from the Central Railway Station in Gdynia is for you. The menu features seven burgers: seitan (from wheat protein), mushroom (from oyster mushrooms), tofu, lentil, millet, “whole cow” (from soybeans) and grilled vegetables.  You can also taste several types of pita (wheat pancakes with filling), Belgian fries and samosas. Prices range from 15 to 19PLN.


Krowarzywa – ul. Brzozowa 15

Krowarzywa is one of the best-known places serving vegan dishes.  The restaurant only uses seasonal products and superfoods, or products rich in nutritional values.

Burgers rule here and you will find such names as Jaglanex, Cieciorexa, tofex to name just a few. You can also order hot dogs and fries made from sweet potatoes or even a vegan kebab. Burgers range from 13PLN and a hot dog costs 9 PLN

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