Who doesn’t love thick hot chocolates? In Poznań, there are only a few places that specialize in this fine art and there is no better than the legendary Cacao Republika on Zamkowa 7. An amazing 2 level cafe that benefits from its location, just around the corner from the main square. With freshly roasted coffee beans and a wide range of herbal teas, you won’t be left wanting for choice. But what they really specialize in is their chocolate beverages!

With over 16 different variations Cacao Republika is definitely a place for real chocolate fans. We popped in to try them all and below you will find our absolute favorites. Each one with its own individual aroma and taste, they will simply blow your mind.

The Classic

The base from where all the variations start from. Thick as it should be. Recommend you let it cool down to get the skin at the top. Love it!


The Tropical

With Passoã, a unique Passion Fruit liqueur, at 17% alcohol volume, in a legendary black bottle. Its luscious red color reveals tangy fruit flavors. Delicious!


The Carribean

With rum and raisins. I smelt the rum as the waitress walked it over. I wouldn’t advise you to drive after this one.


The Aztek

With chili powder. Not spicy at first but you feel the kick after about 20 seconds in the back of your throat!


The Hungarian

With cherry liqueur and homemade liqueur fruits. I love the fact the chocolate is thick enough to keep the cherries from sinking to the bottom.


The Hawaiian

With Malibu and coconut shavings. For Malibu lovers, this is the one for you!


The Festive

With ginger and walnuts. We love the combination and the aftertaste on your tongue of the ginger. Amazing!


The Mexican

Spicy with cinnamon and cardamom which is a spice with a strong, perfumey, resinous aroma, and a sweet flavor. Brilliant


Among a few of the others which have whipped cream, we also loved The English with mint syrup. TIP: Stir the ingredients together before you drink and get exactly the same taste as an After Eight chocolate. Delicious!


A special mention

While there we were impressed with Marco who was a client and unknown to us. He was sitting with his hot chocolate and patiently sketching the interior in a small book. Incredibly talented he exemplifies the vibe at Cacao Republika. A place to take some time out, chill and be creative. I predict we will hear about this artist someday! Check out his Fb page

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