On the look out for tattoo studios in Olsztyn, we counted around 15 studios in the city. Having spent 2 days in the city visiting the studios we found, we can safely say that the 7 studios below are our favorites. We were looking for studios that offer only the best hygeine conditons, a great atmosphere, original artists and a good vibe. Click on the studio names to be directed to their facebook pages.

Silent Ink

We start off with the largest tattoo studio in Olsztyn, Silent Ink, which has been on the city map since 2014. It started off as a one-man business and has developed into a place with a crew of 7 talented tattoo artists. All of them create a unique workplace with plenty of room to laugh and take things easy. Everyone working in Silent Ink has his or her individual style, therefore a big advantage of this studio is the number of styles on offer.

The studio is located in the city center and apparently they will soon be changing location to a bigger one closeby. The plan for expansion includes finding a piercer as well as a couple of apprentices to fit the ever growing needs in the city.

Artists from Silent Ink are well-known in the area, mostly recognized are the works of  Daras (the founder), Marcin, Kamil, Olaf a.k.a cybernecrocat and Adam a.k.a. Bożebor as well as the lovely ladies Alicja Kotewicz and Daria a.k.a havoc

A special mention has to go out also to Olga, the manager, who’s enthusiasm is infectious and keeps a tight ship ?

Wilczy Bilet

A studio located in the heart of the old town in Olsztyn. It was founded in 2017 by two friends – Pat Karpeza and Nastia, that shared the same passion for tattooing. As with many studios nowadays, customer service is a high priority and is soon felt when you walk in and you are greeted by their manager with a huge smile.

Each of their designs are approached individually and their attention to detail is second to none. It’s also one of the nicest looking studios we came across in Olsztyn and seems to be highly organized. Their crew members are Pat Karpeza, Nastia, Lu Moon and Krucze who cover numerous tattoo styles at a very high level.

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Gruby Kot

The studio with the green door can be tricky to find but worth it when you do. Gruby Kot means Fat Cat in English. The studio opened in September 2018 and currently consists of a young team of 4 tattoo artists and one piercer.

Ola is the studio owner and tattoo artist who loves solid black pieces. She loves creating vector like flashes, although she can also work quite well with grey and black. Przemek is Ola’s husband and is the resident piercer. Dawid likes working with details as well as creating minimalistic pieces and last but not least is Daniel who is a very young but talented apprentice.

He loves old school but likes to add a hint of his style into every tattoo he creates. Karolina completes the team with her color skills. Her favorite pieces involve cartoon and watercolors. It’s obvious from the moment you enter, Gruby Kot is a friendly bunch of very open minded people. They are always busy and I’m guessing they are going to need a bigger place in 2019.

Black Rose Tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo is one of the newer studios in Olsztyn. We love the fact that it’s located next to the main train station and McDonald’s. When on a long session you can always grab a burger ? The studio was started by two friends Marek and Seba whose friendship emits positive energy which is noticeable when you walk in.

The studio may be new, but the team has many years of experience so expect tattoos of the highest standard. They have also recently acquired a very sympathetic piercer called Magda and gifted tattoo artist Iza. Black Rose is also one of the biggest studios in terms of size, has an open plan layout and huge windows which we really like also. Expect great linework and realistic style tattoos with the current crew which is growing fast!

Rebel Ink

Rebel Ink Tattoo Studio is located in the suburbs of Olsztyn and was founded in 2016 by Marcin Cecelski. Marcin has been tattooing for eight years and makes every effort to meet the expectations of his clients, which he approaches individually.

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The studio has some great tattooists offering their own unique styles from small tattoos to entire parts of the body. With most studios located in the center, Rebel Ink offers you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle but still maintaining the high standards which we were looking for.

Well Done Tattoo

Well Done Tattoo studio was established in April 2016, is located in the city center and is well known in the city. They make original projects based on individual preferences and focus on originality and innovation.

At present the two tattooists are Ania Lisiewska – Master of Arts, studio owner and tattoo artist specializing in illustration and cartoon in color. She has gained experience in working in various tattoo studios in Olsztyn and Dublin.

Second up is Paweł Mackiewicz – a tattoo artist specializing in realistic works, mainly in grays. He started his tattoo adventure four years ago working in studios in London. He also deals in graphic design and paints with an airbrush. Well Done Tattoo are also proficient in laser tattoo removal using the Q-switched method.

Ruda Tattoo

Last but not least, Ruda Tattoo is a small one-girl tattoo studio specializing in women’s tattoos located in the city center. Owned by tattooist Marta Górska, if you’re looking for a one on one tattoo experience then Ruda Tattoo is for you. With just one chair, you will feel like a VIP with the whole studio just for you.

In addition to typical female designs, she also make tattoos covering postoperative scars, post-burn scars and other unpleasant incidents you want to forget about.

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