We searched around Warsaw for the best breakfast deals and came up with 7 of our favorites. Breakfast for 1 PLN. We love it!

1. Aioli, ul. Świętokrzyska 18 / Chmielna 26


In both locations from Monday to Friday until 12:00, you will get a selected breakfast for PLN 1 for each coffee or tea you buy.

All items are typical for Aioli with a lot of ingredients and unusual combinations. Our favorite breakfasts are the coco banana pudding, i.e. millet pudding with banana, pomegranate, mint, coconut milk and bacon chip or sweet bread with smoked salmon, dill and fried egg or fried eggs with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and grilled polenta.

2. Orzo, pl. Constitucja 5

In Orzo during the week, you will get breakfast for 1 coffee for 1 PLN and coffee for 1 PLN for each breakfast on weekends. Breakfasts are served between 9.00 and 12.00. There is an option for vegetarians (eg orzo crumble, or vegetable pistachio with sweet potatoes, oat crumble, fried egg, waffle). Our favorites are tuna poke bowl, or tuna in teriyaki sauce with pineapple, beans and pickled radishes and mollet egg or eggs nero burger which is a black buttered roll with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar. We also like the colorful yellow tomato pizza with mozzarella, yellow tomato sauce, egg, mushrooms and kimchi ketchup. 

The inhabitants of Prague will be pleased to hear that the second Orzo restaurant in Warsaw will open in Koneser Square in spring.

3. Setka, Świętokrzyska 14

Another place where you eat in the morning for 1pln. Monday to Friday expect breakfasts ordered with a coffee to cost only 1pln. At the weekend the offer changes to a coffee for 1pln when you buy any breakfast. Portions are large, filling and very tasty. The menu changes everyday so you will need to ask the server whats being served that day.

4. Momu – Wierzbowa 9/11

Because Momu is a bit further from the center, there are no queues like breakfast to Orzo or Aioli for breakfast. You have to wait for the offer, because the restaurant opens at 10:00, but it’s worth it.

Here, breakfast is served between 10.00 and 12.00. From Monday to Friday, and costs just 1 pln when you order any coffee. On Saturday morning breakfasts are served between 10.00 and 14.00 and for each ordered breakfast you can order any coffee for 1 gr. Our favorites include the Baltic cod puree with honey challah and fried egg; homemade pancakes with gray reneta served with raspberry mousse and curd cheese.

5. Biała – Francuska 2

A place with a beautiful terrace and garden in the heart of Saska Kępa, although the interior of the modernist villa is also captivating. During the week, you will get selected breakfasts from the card in Biała from 8:00 to 12:00 for 2 PLN. 

You can choose between baked granola with coconut and cranberry served on a cream of nut butter and buttermilk with raspberry sauce or oat groats with marinated beetroot, poppy seed and roasted pumpkin seeds or a hard-boiled egg with cream yolk served on a wheat crumble or fried butter with scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and chives. 

6. Warszawski Mostek, 3 Maja 3b

This time we invite you to Powiśle, for breakfast for PLN 1 during the week, and coffee for one zloty for breakfast at the weekend. We recommend the bagel with pastrami, turkey or chicken. However, there is also an option for vegetarians. 

7. Słoik, Złota 11

Again, Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 11.30 when you buy coffee or tea breakfast costs 1 pln. You can choose between an energy breakfast of two eggs (or scrambled eggs) toast, bacon, sausages, mushrooms or a hearty two eggs poached on toast with ham and cheese, mushrooms, lettuce with carrot and marinated beetroot. Slightly healthier is the exquisite cottage cheese with smoked salmon, onion and chives served with crispy salads with carrot and marinated beetroot, dark bread or the sweet natural yogurt with fresh fruit, roasted wheat and challah.

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