Being an alpha male in Warsaw in 2019 needs three things: Tattoos, a beard, and a bloody good haircut. For the tattoos, there are probably around 20 decent studios we can recommend. Barbershops we can say a bunch of them. Below are places that we can say have your haircut and beard situation well and truly under control. Try them and feel like royalty! Click on the barbershop names to be directed to their FB pages…

Barber Kopytek

Located on Kamionek, in a mixture of the new and old Warsaw’s Praga district, where old factory buildings cross the modern residential buildings of Soho. Founded in 2016 by Sebastian Kopytek, it reflects an atmosphere of classic and modern cuts orchestrated by Sebastian and his crew.

Less typical, slightly eclectic decor goes well with the loose atmosphere prevailing here and “high school” jokes, exchanged between the team.

What’s less typical, grooming is accompanied by two washes, before and after so expect to get a full service every time you go. It’s a popular place so book in advance!

Filtrowa Barbershop

Filtrowa Barber Shop opened in 2017 on a mission to cut men’s hair, and provide care for their beards and mustaches. As the owner says “Maybe I should start from what we don’t do or who we aren’t. So we’re definitely not a club, we don’t have multiple locations, simply were not fake!”.

Walking into the Barber Shop you’ll see 4 leather barber chairs and red metal tool carts, a place to chill, grab a beer or coffee, a stand with grooming products for sale and last but not least a comic book sequence of their Barber’s running through every wall. The crew is built from young passionate Barber’s with outrageous skills who like good music and perfect craftsmanship.

Raven Barbershop

Raven Barbershop is a new spot on the map of Warsaw within just 2 minutes walking distance from Nowy Świat-Uniwersytet metro station. It opened in January 2019 yet it’s already as busy as it gets. Walk-ins are not common so book your appointment a couple of days ahead.

It’s a cosy and nice place where you feel welcome every time with one of the owners himself taking care of your hair and beard. They take the barbershop culture very seriously and contribute as much as possible to its spread and refinement in Warsaw.

The red neon sign shines until late at night. Just pass by their address at Juliana Bartoszewicza 9. You won’t miss it.

Barbershop Praga

Barber Shop Praga wanted to create an atmospheric place dedicated to men for which appearance matters in Warsaw Praga. In 2016, Barber Shop Praga appeared on 38 Ząbkowsnia Street with three barbers positions, today they have seven of them and aspirations for the next. Each barber is proficient with both scissors and razor.

As the owner says’ We have collected the best team of qualified barbers in the city, which creates a well-coordinated and efficient team. We are not only coworkers but also friends”. Each customer, crossing the threshold of the salon can count on a great atmosphere, professional service and, depending on preferences, a cup of coffee or a glass of fine whiskey.

It is loud and fun and expect various languages spoken including English, Russian and Belarusian

Rooster Barbershop

The owners adventure with barbering began when they were still living in Great Britain. It was there that they had the opportunity to be inspired by some of the worlds most famous barbershops and decided to complete the course at the London School of Barbering. They knew that they wanted to go back to Warsaw and that’s where they opened their own barbershop.

Rooster is a place where you can feel a family and friendly atmosphere. It is a place absolutely for everyone. While waiting for your turn, you can have a drink or play with their resident dog called Edim. The owner tells us “We opened our barbershop in Saska Kępa because its a special place. It took just one walk to make that decision. Life here is at a different, slower pace”.

So you have highly trained passionate barbers, a laid back part of Warsaw, a mass of cool restaurants in the area and yet very close to the city center. Perfect. Highly recommended.

Warsaw Cut

There are rumors that a woman cannot be a barber… Warsaw Cut breaks such stereotypes and has only women barbers! Here, a woman’s hand combines a strong, cut joke, and with sharp tools used masterfully. As they say for over 2 years, they have developed a symbiosis, thanks to which they managed to create an amazing atmosphere and perfectly fit in with the rough, masculine world and we really love this place!

They work in a retro-styled barbershop with wood and chessboard flooring combined with the rusted metal, tons of stickers and a unique aftertaste of the old Prague that Soho Factory gives.

No matter who you are, what you do, how old you are, what style you have – you must visit this place at least once!

Roskowski Barbershop

This place is definitely for men only. Unfortunately, women will not find anything for themselves here. This barbershop is as masculine as your gonna get. Old school barbershop as far as we understand was the first to open in Warsaw and possibly the country.

With an atmosphere of the south of Italy in the early twentieth century, it offers shaving with a razor in the company of hot and cold compresses, trimming and combing beards, and a wide selection of nicety face care cosmetics. And all this in a stylish interior, above which a chandelier from a deer antler dominates, surrounded by a dark suit of furniture. 

The entire interior was designed by the owner of the place, who created his concept from the beginning to the end, to be sure that everything is one hundred percent authentic. You can read our interview with Wojtek Rostowski HERE. Highly recommended!

and something different…

Badger Men’s Grooming Club

Finally here is something very different from how we perceive a barbershop. Badger was born in the Summer of 2016, when its co-founders, Adam and Konrad, met for the first time. Adam, a native New Yorker, had just moved to Warsaw and asked Konrad where he could find a Gentlemen’s Groomer. A place where a man could take care of all his grooming needs in a luxurious and relaxing but time-efficient manner. Unable to find such a place, Konrad suggested that they create one.

A year later, in September 2017, Badger first opened its doors in Warsaw’s city center. Based off of Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers in NYC, where Adam was a long-time member and client since university, Badger seeks to provide men with a casual, fun, and relaxing place to take care of all their grooming needs, from head to toe, shirt to shoe.

Badger brings together the best of New York City and Warsaw to offer a premium experience for Poland’s discerning gentlemen.  Awesome!!!  

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