There are still some places in Warsaw that few people know about and we all love special places that only a few know about. Get to know Warsaw spots that only a few know – they are not big on social media, at least they do not have thousands of followers and a great PR team. So hurry before they become so hip that they become mainstream. You can click on the titles to see their locations.

Falenica cinema

On the very platform of the old Warsaw Falenica station, just a few minutes’ drive from Śródmieście. This is a unique place not only because of its location – it really is a combination of a cinema and cafe. You sit at a table with a cup of good coffee and wait for the lights to go out and the movie starts. There is something special about watching a movie while eating at the table.

Bicycle Art Gallery

The gallery deals with bicycles, although – as the owners themselves say – it is a meeting place not only for two-wheeler enthusiasts. The gallery is located on Widok Street, but it is not easy to spot it. And it’s worth it – inside you will be greeted by the underground decor and a lot of beautiful, unique bikes.

Bazar Miejski

Located at ul. Marszałkowska 19 (entrance from Oleandrów), we love this formula where you can rent a bookcase on which you put items for sale. Stands are tightly filled with clothes, accessories and other small items. Very decent prices. We love spending half an hour here discovering some great buys.


A music bookstore with vinyls, CDs and cassettes. It is located in the basement of one of the tenement houses in Warecka. The interior looks like a scene from the American films from the 80s and the choice is enormous. You can spend long hours here in the company of the friendly owner and great music.


Two screens here seating 650 people. The two rows at the back have double seats for “better comfort” – so bring your significant other.

Tibetan Gallery in Wola

Showcasing some of the worst atrocities of Tibet today, the open air Tibetan Gallery in Wola is a unique street art installation. The idea of creating the Gallery came after the Council of Warsaw awarded  Dalai Lama with honorary citizenship.

Tibetan Gallery in Wola, Warsaw
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