Streetwise visited more than 10 tattoo studios in Opole and we found these 6 which are our favorites. If your in town looking for a tattoo studio then give one of them a try! Click on Studio names to be directed to their Facebook pages.

Jawor Art


First up is Jawor Art which is probably one of the first studios to open in Opole. Jawor Art is hidden away in an old communistic style building so you wouldn’t even know it’s there. But, once inside, you will be impressed. What stands out is the awards and memorabilia on the walls that scream out experience.

The studio was established in 1996 and still work’s in the same location. After all these years they still only have 2 tattoo artists and a piercer. As the owner says ‘ We favor quality rather than quantity’. In fact, the owner, Jawor, has been tattooing for 28 years, so his experience is invaluable. His favorite style is dark artsbiomechanics and mechanics but also makes Polynesian Samoan and Maori Tattoos and realistic shaded works.

Second up is Łukasz who has been working with Jawor for 7 years. He prefers realistic and surrealistic colourful tattoos. We warn you though, these guys are so popular you need to book a year in advance ?

Biały Kruk

Biały Kruk Tattoo Studio exists since 2014 and is characterized by its professional and individual approach to the client as well as original projects. The interior also has something to say about Biały Kruk and the atmosphere inside.

The studio has a nice, cheerful and above all family atmosphere and consists of 3 artists: Małgorzata Bazyli, Michał Filipowski, and founder – Przemysław Walasek.

Each tattooist works and specializes in a different style, including realism, graphic style, neotraditional or old school.

Karma Tattoo

Karma Tattoo Studio is located in a quiet area near the center of Opole. It was founded in January 2018 by Karolina Szymańska, who, however, has been dealing with tattooing for much longer. To come into possession of her floristic and ornamental tattoos, people come here from all over the world.

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The studio also offers services in the field of permanent makeup, performed by extremely talented Ewelina Dajewska. The original interior and professional approach make everyone want to come back here.

Black Death Tattoo

Black Death is a fresh tattoo studio in Opole with its first studio based in Wroclaw. Its a place where you will find a bubbly, friendly young crew who are always up for a joke but take their work very seriously.

The crew consists of seven artists which guarantees you will find someone perfect for what you want. They might be new in town they are a close-knit crew who have some great ideas how to make your tattoo original.

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On April 1st 2019, due to their rapid growth, Black Death has expanded and have moved to larger premises which you can find at Szpitalna 17a.

Rock Tattoo

Rock Tattoo has been around for 10 years. In the beginning, there was only the owner, Jarosław, who showed people that tattoos can be made in a unique way. He also traveled, and still does, to many conventions all around the globe in search of experience and inspiration.

Currently the crew consists of 3 artists including Jaroslaw himself who makes custom Japanese tattoos. Natalia loves to do neo-traditional and Krzysiek who enjoys new school and crazy tattoos.

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Rock Tattoo is a very creative studio and one of the best looking studios we have come across. Infact, the more crazy the idea, the better they like it!

Sailor Ink

Sailor Ink was opened in 2017 by Michelle and is located downtown on Krakowska street. It’s still relatively new and is still growing. The crew consists of one gentleman and three lady’s, Mariusz, Anna, Sara and Patryca.

They all have their own style from handpoke and small delicate designs to old-school and ignorant. It’s evident from the moment you walk in that they are great friends and this reflects in the atmosphere of the place. Definately worth to give them a visit!

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