Being an alpha male in Warsaw in 2019 needs three things: Tattoos, a beard, and a bloody good haircut. For the tattoos, there are probably around 20 decent studios we can recommend. Barbershops we can say a bunch of them. Below are places that we can say have your haircut and beard situation well and truly under control. Try them and feel like royalty!

Lisbon Barbers Tamka 36

Lisbon barbers atmosphere is absolutely unique and is felt from the moment you arrive. Wether its the smell of the leather from their 70 years old barber chair or the portuguese coffee served in the shop or maybe their Portuguese accents, you know you are in a special place. Being the smallest barbershop in our Top 6 (2 chairs), you also get that sense of VIP treatment. Tiago and Miguel are 2 of the friedliest guys we have met in a long time and will make you feel comfortable from the first second! Keep an ear open for the Fados (Portuguese music) they play in the background.

Ferajna Andersa 6

Ferajna is fast becoming legendary in Warsaw for making you feel like a million dollars. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a trouble-maker, a gentleman or a stay at home father, Ferajna’s crew will offer you a classic hairstyle that will give even the ugliest of men the confidence to finally ask out his dream girl.

Ferajna is more than a barbershop. It’s a secret hideout, a treehouse, a club for men. They say ‘everything you say at Ferajna stays at Ferajna’ which sort of sums the place up in a nutshell. Alpha males paradise!

UnderCut Barber Wilcza 42

Undercut is one of Warsaw’s first barbershops to take care of hair, beards and moustaches. Wetshaves are also popular at Undercut and the place has a real old school feel about it. Experience is the key at this place. The three barbers who will make sure you leave happy include Michał ( Founder) with 13 years experience. Mateusz who has been a barber since 2006 and Piotrek who is the youngest member of Undercut team.

Warszawski Golibroda Próżna 5,Hawajska 6

With their second location recently opened in Próżna street, The owner says it best…’I wanted to create my own brand. A place that expresses my personality, interests, and passions every day. Golibroda is the result of 21 years of work and experience. This is a place where every man will find something for themselves …’. We can also vouch that Golibroda has extraordinary interiors and has a specific climate of a distinguished gentlemen’s barbershop. The uniqueness of these places is not only the decor but also the people who work there, the offer of services and the way they are performed. Warszawski Golibroda Barber Shop is a place for real men.

Izba Lordów Wspólna 63B/1

The Warsaw House of Lords – a place for men who do not compromise on their appearance and needs. A high end barbershop to tame even the biggest egos and often frequented by the rich and famous. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and proven solutions recommended by outstanding specialists working in London, Dubai and Milan, The Warsaw House of Lords is a place for the snob in you to be pampered to extremes. Expect to pay a little bit more than the other barbershops mentioned in this list but if you want to feel like the Wolf of Wall Street, then this is the place for you.

and one you probably already have…

Hop Chop, Multiple locations

With 10 Hop-Chop BarberShops scattered around Warsaw, you’ve probably already seen or even been to Hop Chop. Hop-Chops multicultural crew have a simple approach – they provide guests with a short list of high-quality services where you can quickly and accurately cut your hair, shape your beard and have a wet shave. They appreciate tight schedules so even though their interiors look and mean business, they know you’ve got to be somewhere. This is no more evident in their mobile application where you can coordinate your working day and make sure you look good for evening playtime. Click here to see their locations.

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