A tree house with a view of a beautiful forest, a floating space with a place to relax, or the baroque interior of a train straight from old movies? What is your dream scenery of weekend rest? We set off in search of unusual hotels in Poland.

Cottage in the woods

Rest in the midst of greenery and in a wooden house is one of the better scenarios for the weekend. The complex in the trees is located just 150 km from Warsaw. This place fulfills many dreams! Everyone at least once in their life wanted to spend the night in a treehouse, and also a mild morning with a favorite coffee and a view of the beautiful green forest. You can see more details on their website wdrzewach.pl

Houses on the water

We associate a trip to Mielno with beaches and sunbathing. We have a great alternative for the weekend! Rest in a house located on the water. Small rooms provide everything you need for the weekend, and by the way, guarantee beautiful views and peace and relaxation. You can see more details on their website hthouseboats.com

Night in the tent

A childhood holiday spent in a tent were the best holidays of all. Although, Glendoria tents, located about 120km from Gdansk, are not what you may be used to. In the tents are four-poster beds and vintage furniture which add to the atmosphere. Glendoria tents are turned into climatic apartments which would not be out of place in a big city. A perfect way to spend the weekend next to nature. You can see more details on their website glendoria.pl

Night in a renovated train

Salonki are typical apartments located in train wagons on the border of Poland and Belarus. These are four breathtaking rooms finished in a royal style. The rooms are divided into green, brown and two burgundy with a beautiful bathroom with a bathtub. Rooms have double beds and are filled with imperial accessories. Each apartment will make you feel like royalty! You can see more details on their website carska.pl

A barn  called the Purification Plant

The purification plant sounds mysterious. We do not know what to expect from this place yet which is located 50km from Warsaw. However, we want to be there as soon as possible! It is a place of rest, meetings and events close to nature. You will find there 10 double rooms. Each room was dedicated to one artist and one virtue or sin. Each one also has a completely different, original decor. You can see more details on their website oczyszczalniamiejsce.pl


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