Throughout our travels we have come across some amazing artists. This time around we were in Bydgoszcz and searched for some studios we thought were interesting. Below is a short list of well known places, new places and something different.

Studio Tatuażu Pantera

The PANTERA studio is a new initiative of three artists who met at the high school in Bydgoszcz and whose experiences in tattooing and in other fields of art allow each of them to propose original, unique projects.

The work of the tattooists of the Pantera studio thematically strongly refer to the aforementioned fields of art, they are an expression of ideas and inspiration of artists, thus becoming the only one of its kind. Each of the three artists who met at the high school in Bydgoszcz moves in a different style and adds to the studio’s offer its own artistic element. The crew consists of Patryk Hilton, Indianka and Jakub Letki

Studio Tatuażu Demolka Tat2

20 years old, this is one of the first studios in Bydgoszcz. Owner and artist Tomek “Demolka” Molka started his tattoo adventure on September 1, 1993, in Poznań where he learned the basics of tattooing. Next, he opened a studio in Konin, where he deepened his knowledge and secrets of tattooing before moving his craft to Bydgoszcz. He also worked in Germany in “Iron2 and Tat2.

Since he first opened, the studio has gone from strength to strength and is known throughout Poland as one of the best studios in the region. Tomek who is an artist also has Marta Lisowska and Grzegorz Klich working by his side.

Setka Tattoo Studio

Setka Tattoo is a young but thriving studio located in the central part of the city on ul. Cieszkowskiego 10, which is an architectural jewel of Bydgoszcz due to the Art Nouveau tenement houses from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The studio was founded in 2018 by Sebastian Tkaczyk aka Setka who is one of the most talented artists we have come across. He was later joined by Agnieszka Dolińska and Łukasz Zaradzki aka WooKee. All three of them together with the manager Ewelina create a team with a great passion for art and tattoos. The studio specializes in realistic tattoos, but not only.

Agnieszka loves to create feminine and colorful patterns, WooKee surprises with precision and ideas, while Setka loves realism, especially faces and characters. The crew is known for the fact that it is associated with widely understood art for many years and the works of Setka can be found not only on the body but also on many buildings of Polish and European cities!


The Golden Kingdom tattoo studio is a special place owned by Joanna and offers its clients something different. It is located on Kujawska Street in a renovated tenement house, in the attic. The interior of the studio is very glamorous and the purity of the white walls contrast with the black and gold elements.

At the threshold, a black, shiny counter with a golden, centrally placed studio logo strikes you and the modern gold candlesticks, which together with the candlelight create a unique atmosphere by the sofas.

Golden Kingdom is a modern studio that follows the needs of the client and at the same time very cozy and charming. If you’re looking for a one on one VIP treatment then pay Joanna a visit!

Studio Tatuażu True tattoo & Piercing

True Tattoo is a small studio founded in 2015 by Robert Ciesielski and he is the only tattooist and owner of the studio. Robert tells us ‘ The aim of the studio is to perform unique tattoos and to promote tattoos completely differently with an individual approach to the client and project’.

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