With so many bars in the city of Gdansk its easy to miss out on some of the extraordinary places on offer. We have chosen 5 of our favourite cocktail bars which each offer a different experience and are rated not only on their cocktails but by the vibe you will immerse yourself into.

Flisak’76Chlebnicka 9/10, Gdańsk

Flisak 76 boasts of a large cocktail list, which doesn’t include many traditional drinks but leans towards experimental concoctions with creative ingredient combinations. Whether it’s a rocket mojito or a pie plant cocktail you are going for, it is destined to be delicious. If you haven’t been before it is easy to miss as its located in a basement. But, don’t let put you off. The décor is beautiful and includes many original vintage elements including extremely cozy armchairs!

Pixel, Spichrzowa 22/1, Gdańsk

A very cool and trendy bar, Pixel pub is famous not only for serving some of the best drinks in town but mainly for its fun and nerdy-chic atmosphere. The walls are decorated with quirky vintage posters and there are plenty of console and board games to suit anyone’s taste and you can even customize the lights in the toilet. Pixel is a place founded by a group of console enthusiasts which you normally would not associate with good quality cocktails but they took this concept to a higher level and I wouldn’t hesitate to take a group of friends here for cocktails. Whether you’re there for a Super Mario match or a lush-looking Mojito, you will not be disappointed. The Bartenders will make your taste buds go crazy!

Cooltura Chmielna 101 Chmielna 10, Gdansk

A modern little bar across the bridge from the Green Gate with a huge selection of spirits on show. It’s by no means amazing but special events, regular live music, and a small dance area mean things can get pretty lively and deserves a mention. The place looks good and the bar staff are really friendly which keeps attracting the punters as well as copious amounts of very nice looking girls:)


Eliksir, M. Hemara 1, Gdańsk

Eliksir is quite simply like nothing else in Gdansk. As the name would suggest, Eliksir takes the fine art of concocting creative cocktails very seriously. Definitely the more serious choice in our shortlist. Eliksir impresses from the moment you walk through the door, as an exposed brick wall adorned with golden letters spelling out ‘Eliksir’ and the long wooden bar are bound to be the first things you see.  As you turn your attention to the cocktails on offer, you will find a blend of signature drinks. Our favorites include the exotic Le Coquette – premium champagne, apricot liqueur, and saffron –  the warming S.M. Fogg – whisky, port, and the essence of peanut butter and the smooth S.S. Mongolia – gin, blackberry, and wheat beer. If you want the best of the best then Eliksir is the place for you.


Craft Cocktails Szeroka 48/49 Gdansk

Probably the least fashionable choice of our shortlist but it really is an excellent cocktail bar with the feel of a discreet, private drinking club thanks to the comfortable seating, lots of dark woods and low lighting. The cocktail menu is extensive and well-priced, so you can enjoy a quiet evening away from the chaos found in many bars in the old town. The bar staff are well-drilled at their art and they claim to filter their water with each cocktail. If you’re looking to get away from the chaos on a Friday or Saturday night and be treated to some fabulous tasting cocktails amongst a disciplined but still young crowd then we definitely recommend you give it a try.

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