The gastro scene shows no sign of slowing down. New places in Warsaw appear on the map every day. We chose 5 of the ones that we think will be the most popular!

Arigator Ramen Shop, ul. Piękna 54, Facebook

Ok. It’s not that new but our ramen radar would not allow us to miss this place. There may not be enough space inside, and bar chairs are not the most convenient but the food is exquisite as confirmed by the crowds who wait for a free table in the queues outside.

If you are just starting your adventure with ramen, then for the beginning we recommend you Shoyu. This is the most accessible taste and at the same time a great, satisfying meal.

Something for more seasoned players? Tsukemen! It’s ramen but spread out into two bowls. One contains pasta and additives, the other a pasta sauce. Yes, sauce! Because even though the consistency is liquid, it certainly should not be treated as a soup. It is more concentrated and usually much saltier than standard broth for ramen served in one bowl. Few places in Poland serve Tsukemen so it’s a real treat.

Loyally, I warn you that the portion is said to contain two thousand calories, but I guarantee that you will not regret it one bit. Ramen in Arigator is worth every sin.


Falla, ul. Oboźna 9, Facebook

The restaurant known to all vegetarians in Gdansk and Poznan finally opened its doors in Warsaw, in a charming corner on Oboźna Street. Most probably students from the University of Warsaw will be happy about this location, however, from the Vistula Boulevards or the tourist area of Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście, it is not too far away, so nobody should be particularly aggrieved. In Falla, you will encounter the entire spectrum of Middle Eastern cuisine. Apart from the quality, the biggest hit is the sensational quality-price ratio. Light dishes based primarily on vegetable ingredients are an ideal idea for the upcoming summer. One of our favorite vegetarian places in town. if not our favorite!


El Krepel J. i J. Śniadeckich 12/16, Facebook

It is just an opened, and has already become a candidate on the podium in an unofficial competition for the most Instagrammed places in Warsaw!. All thanks to the wall decorated from the floor to the ceiling with flowers in pink and écru colors. With various cakes, it’s the donuts that have got the people talking with fancy fillings including white chocolate with marshmallows, creme patisserie and coconut cream to name a few. It’s a charming place, full of fun and style which oozes relaxed femininity. Love this place!


Spoko Buła ul. Francuska 50,  Facebook

The stationary version of the well-known and popular food truck Lokalne Farmazony. Do not expect clichés here – the menu is ruled by sandwiches made with cod in panko and even bloody sausage with a touch of pork and duck meat. Fans of total classics will also find real Polish beef, reliably treated with horseradish. A place where you do not eat elegantly, and sauces and fat pour down your arms. And so what, after biting into such a treat, you simply wipe your arm and get ready for the next bit. Love it!


Eufemia, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 5, Facebook

A restaurant combined with a multi-tap, hidden in the basement at the back of the Academy of Fine Arts building. A renewed interior, inventive lunches and a sensible selection of craft beers, as well as the now trending pastrami, makes this place a hit. It also has a charming garden, which is ideal for summer evenings. Pretty high up on the cool factor too!

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