Summer in Sopot is fun. But, for those that live there all year round, the influx of tourists can be too much. We chose our top 5 places (apart from 1) where you can get away from the crowds which you probably haven’t heard of. Well known to the local Poles and some of them being legendary in status, if you haven’t been to any of them then we recommend you give them a shot. We chose subjectively and made sure each place had something different to offer. If we missed anything then let us know in comments below the article.


Situated right in the middle of the tourist zone, we weren’t sure whether to include it but it would seem ridiculous to skip it. Just in case you haven’t heard of it. It’s that cool! One of the legends of Sopot and maybe thought of more as a bar than a cafe. Spatif is an arty venue, popular for attracting the best of Sopot’s creatives. Sip a coffee by the window watching the crowds flock past as you type up your latest novel, attend a poetry recital or chat to the local artists who have many stories to tell about this legendary venue.

Address: Monte Cassino | Facebook


What we love about this place is that it’s so easy to miss. Hidden behind a traditional vegetable stand, Cafe Zaścianek is a quaint, idyllic and a rather romantic option. With its turquoise exterior, steps up to the entrance and basic bar serving strong coffees, this is another arty hangout. It’s also on a side street away from the main busy Monte Cassino, but still close enough to the famous and fancy Kyzywy Domek (“Crooked House”) building.

Address: Haffnera 3 | Facebook


Młody Byron

This small cafe and bar has an intimate, modern feel, as well as an arty resident crowd appreciative of both the adjacent gallery and the weekend cultural happenings including poetry evenings and concerts. What we like is their hidden location away from the crowds and their locally brewed bottled beers. In fact, from the outside, it looks like an old wartorn family villa. A well known local haunt which in warmer months the shaded garden out back with its deck chairs plays host to open-air concerts and movies. Highly recommended if you’re cool enough!Address: Józefa Czyżewskiego 12 | Facebook


Teatr Boto

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