Stranger Ink

Maksim Yalovik

Stranger ink is still a relatively new studio which opened up in May 2018 and currently has 3 tattoo artists. Maksim Yalovik who is a master at realistic and surrealistic styles and is also the owner, Sara ”Feral Child” Burzyńska spins her magic doing watercolors and dot work and loves to do fairytale themes, Marcin ”MW Tattoo” Widera prefers black tattoos. Good solid outlines plus dotwork are his forte. Not forgetting also their talented apprentice Wiktoria Iwanowska. In the tattoo removal department is Sandra who will remove any unwanted tattoos as painless as possbile.

Maksim takes care of laser removal and Karolina completes the team and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Look out for their special guest spots from well-known artists from around the world! Apparently, in the spring/summer they will be opening another floor so they are looking for tattoo artists to join their cosmic crew!


Bartosz Wojda

Pajęczyna is a place where tradition faces the modern and craft merges with art. Owned by artist Bartosz Wojda, Pajęczyna (Spider Web) was established in 2016 with 3 more tattoo nerds working together.

Each one of them has a different yet bold style of craftsmanship with art. The studio’s atmosphere makes it stand out and expect guest artists from around the world. 

Bartosz Wojda works with black and gray tattoos with spicy textures. Marcelina Urbańska likes traditional designs with an Art Deco twist. Mateusz Wolski likes letters, words and sentences with a neo-tribalism feel. Łukasz Sokołowski specializes in wierd-fiction themes with black metal vibes and

Green Rabbit Tattoo Studio

Opened in 2016 and relative newcomers they have experienced their ups and downs. All those experiences have taught them how to communicate with each other, handle difficulties and above all, join forces to build a really comfy place.

Located in the city center on Wojewódzka Street, Green Rabbit has amassed 10 great tattoo artists working in the studio permanently. Each of them specializes in a different style and brings in their own unique energy and ideas. Amazingly they are open seven days a week and try to be as flexible as possible when making appointments which sort of fits in with the type of people you will meet there. Very friendly and always looking to please!

The crew consists of Pomału Tattoo who deals with graphics, Joanna Kru, Andriy Lishchuk works with realistic, Sonia Dei also realistic, Timo Nikulshyn – realistic, Ania Pająkneo traditional, Angelika Ferrous – graphic and dotwork, Denis Verba – graphic Tattoos of a Spiritual Movement, Glossy Future – traditional, Dusty Past – psychedelic.

Chyba Ty Tattoo

Place with a good vibe, where you can get expect a professional service. a tattoo – first or next one – in professional conditions. The crew spends most of their time in the studio, developing their skills, creating and even eating dinner together.


Luleone is the owner who started from graffiti, later he graduated in art studies in Katowice. He is familiar with many styles but now feels best in sketch style with some watercolor accents. The rest of the crew consists of 7 talented artists including Knefel whose portfolio is mainly old-school, but he also likes new school and realistic. Kolanko is tattooing for some time now but lately, most of his designs are in deep black complemented by grays. Roses, faces mixed with views like on postcards are his favorite designs. Szoszek is most happy when creating comics and cartoons, especially sketch and watercolors. Pelikan is your man for dotwork . He works in blacks, a large part of his works are floral and animal compositions but he is open for any forms if he has the freedom of creation.

Łapi Łopi also feels good creating dotwork and blackwork designs. He is very accurate and precise, which translates into its tattoos, strong lines, clean and contrasting patterns. Most of his works are floral compositions, mandalas, often his designs refer to cartoons from his childhood. Pasha a.k.a. Jpeg13 loves motifs, both in grays and color. He likes to make portraits and animal themes, but he is not afraid of a challenge. Moker is a tattoo artist whose style comes from his passion for graffiti. Creativity from writing on the walls has been transferred to skin and its very impressiv to see.