When we look at the list of priests worldwide convicted for sexual crimes against children it is difficult to control emotions. The stories described are absolutely shocking. However, you can not sweep this type of stuff under the rug and has to be publicized by any means. The list of pedophiles from the Catholic Church in Poland will not be published by the government and is in fact quite hard to find in its entirety. Photos are especially hard to come by. Below we present a group of 30 degenerates who were omitted from the public register of the Ministry of Justice. We warn you that the list of pedophiles is shocking.

Roman B. sentenced to 8 years in 2008 for several months of molesting a 13-year-old girl from Pyrzyce. Having served half his sentence he has unbelievably been allowed back into the ministry and is even celebrating mass and giving communion!

Paweł K was convicted in 2015, after in 2012, the then priest K was caught with a 13-year-old boy in a hotel room. Father K also had a pen drive with photos and films about pedophile content at the time of detention.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Paweł K został skazany w 2015 roku
Paweł K

Father Antoni W. former parish priest of the Holy Apostles Simon and Juda Tadeusz in the suburbs of Olsztyn D. (diocese of Warmia and Mazury), sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for paid sex with 14-year-old boys.

Priest Zbigniew Sz. he became famous for the fact that as a parish priest in P. (diocese of Siedlce), “he repeatedly led five minor pupils from grades 1 to 3 of primary school to undergo sexual activities”, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison

Priest Krzysztof Kiwitt was until recently the parish priest of Saint. James the Apostle in M. (Archdiocese of Gdansk). Sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for the sexual “formation” of a 14-year-old girl

Vicar Waldemar B. He was a vicar and a teacher of religion in a local gymnasium.  He molested a 9-year-old boy. In addition, he filmed this perversion

Roman B. Friar from the Society of Christ for Polish Diaspora. In June 2008 he was the vicar of the parish of Saint Joseph and the prefect of the Catholic gymnasium. His superiors already knew that something was going on and they directed him to an institution in England! He did not leave. He was arrested for sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl “I would like to lick your juice” – wrote Fr. Roman in text messages to the girl.

Priest Piotr D. – Former parish priest in a Warsaw archdiocese and teacher of religion. Sentenced to two years in prison for the sexual harassment of a boy who he had taught anatomy from the age of 9 and carried out experiments to make the child aware of what it feels like to touch yourself in your underpants.

Priest Wojciech P. from the religious congregation of palotin priests. “I’m looking for a young boy to have fun together. I am looking for someone who likes to dominate, and even harsher. I love to suck and lick everywhere, from feet up. I do not want anal “. Text from an email he wrote to a 15-year-old boy he was trying to seduce.

Father P. T. of D. (Pomeranian province, Pelplin diocese). He was finally sentenced to four years in prison for sexual harassment of a 15-year-old minister and his two colleagues, persuading teenagers to commit suicide and giving them drugs. The church boy Waldemar G. and the head of the altar boys Tomasz J. Najmłodsza were 11 years old.

Priest Mirosław W. from the Archdiocese of Lublin, being the vicar of the parish of Christ the King in T., among others “He put the child’s leg under a cassock and masturbated on his foot,” we read in the indictment. This girl was only 10 years old. For many months, the charges could not be presented to the Reverend because Archbishop Józef Życiński sent him for a “health leave”. When it all came out, the hierarch sent a letter to the girl’s mother with apologies, for the “irresponsible behaviors” of Father Miroslaw who “became the cause of the child’s suffering”. And although the vicar – willing to escape the compromising trial – voluntarily surrendered to the penalty (5 years of prison)

Priest Andrzej S. as vicar of the parish Wojciech Biskupa Martyr in Sz. (Tarnów diocese) and a teacher of religion in the local school led a 15 years old girl into sexual intercourse and other sexual activities, including oral sex …” -said a court in Nowy Targ, punishing the pedophile a penalty of 3.5 jail year. The girl was 13 years old when, after classes, in religion, the priest started giving her sex lessons.

Father Andrzej S. worked in Sz. as a catechist. In 2001, he met his victim, a thirteen-year-old student. The next two years were the relationship between the pedophile and the girl. The teenagers’ parents learned about the case and notified the police,. Although, there was a delay before they did so and only made the decision to take it to the authorities once their daughter became suicidal. He was sentenced to only 5 years.

Priest Marek K, parish priest from P. (Archdiocese of Wroclaw), tried to lead the 14-year-old minister to “undergo another sexual act” – as the prosecutor’s office described it, and what actually involved the masturbation of the boy. In the plebeian’s computer, the police found over 240 videos and sexually explicit images showing his preference for male-boy sex. Sentenced to five years

Priest Eligiusz D., aka “Penguin”, who while still a vicar of the parish of Saint Nicholas Bishop in Łódz (Świętokrzyskie Province, Sandomierz diocese) and a teacher of religion in the local Public School Complex, collected child pornography. “This is a disease that I’ve been struggling with for a long time,” he explained to the prosecutor.

Andrzej F. from the Archdiocese of Cracow was captured by the police with a collection of underage pornographic films and photos.

Jacek C. was the vicar of the parish in Warnice (archdiocese of Szczecin and Kamień) and a teacher of religion in one of the nearby schools, when he was charged with sexual harassment of a disabled boy whom he personally masturbated, giving their “common secret” the status of confession. During the trial, the curia hid Fr. Jacek in Kamień Pomorski, where he continued to catechize school children. The Choszczno District Court sentenced the pedophile to 1.5 years imprisonment suspended for three years and a five-year ban on the teaching profession  After the sentence, he was transferred to Dobra Nowogardzka despite a judicial ban! Only in the face of the scandal the Archbishop Zygmunt Kaminski sent the subordinate onto “health leave”, and when the stench healed a little bit, the metropolitan gave him a full-time chaplain job in the Gryfino hospital where he still works today. Unbelievable!!!

Priest Zbigniew P., parish priest in Jarnołtówek (diocese of Opole), kissed 11-13 year old boys on the lips, touched their thighs, buttocks and genital organs, and masturbated one of them (quoted from the indictment). When the matter came to light, Archbishop Alfons Nossol transferred the subordinate to the Palliative Care Center of Caritas of the Opole Diocese in S., entrusting him with the function of a chaplain of the center. The District Court in Prudnik sentenced Fr. P. for a year in prison suspended (!) For three years.

Priest Władysław Ł is a perverted priest from Lututów in the diocese of Kalisz (“Księży dotyk”). In 2005, the District Court in Wieluń sentenced him to 1 year and 8 months imprisonment suspended for 3 years and a four-year ban teaching religion, among others for sexual harassment of two girls preparing for the First Communion. After the sentence he evacuated to the Archdiocese of Poznań, where he currently works (with the consent of Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki) in the parish of B.

Paweł K. was a vicar at the prestigious St. Spirit in Wroclaw and a teacher of religion, when late in the evening of September 5, 2005. he was captured by police intelligence. It turned out that in the city slums he hunted for boys, whom he encouraged to “join in with fun”. A search of his flat at the presbytery revealed a rich collection of “hard” pornography with children. After several dozen hours spent at the police station, he was released and disappeared.  Today we know that he found a refuge in the Bydgoszcz diocese. In 2009 he returned to the Archdiocese and anchored in the post of vicar in Wroclaw, but after a few months Archbishop Marian Gołębiewski moved Fr. Paweł to M., where he still works today.

Ks. Michał M., a former parish priest from Pszczyna-Piasku (Katowicka), was sentenced to two years imprisonment and a five-year ban on working with children for subjecting 3 juvenile girls to “sexual activities”. With blessing and thanks to the grace of Archbishop Damiana Zimonia he currently works as a resident at the parish in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. This is unbelievable!!!

Ks. Mirosław W. as vicar of the parish in Trawniki (Lublin archdiocese) used to put a 10-year-old girl’s leg under a cassock and masturbate on her foot. After the initiation of the investigation, Archbishop Józef Życiński moved the pedophile to the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kraśnik, and just before the arrest (probably there was a leak), the Reverend got a “health leave” from the head and evacuated to Ukraine. For many months, he could not be charged with the charges, because the prosecutor’s office did not want to publicize the matter and did not issue an arrest warrant. When on 15 February 2006 he accidentally returned to Poland, he was arrested. He did not plead guilty and he was supported by a group of rosary rings, whose activists collected about 800 signatures under the petition to free a “warm and kind priest”. Shortly after the investigation was closed, Fr. Mirosław W. applied for a voluntary submission to punishment without a trial. He proposed for himself 5 years of absolute imprisonment. Archbishop Zycinski sent a letter to the mother of the molested girl with apologies for the “irresponsible behavior” of Father Miroslaw. After serving part of the punishment, the pedophile is now released and is currently working in the parish in the village of Ż.

Does anybody see a common thread here or is just us?

Piotr D. (60), parish priest of the Holy Spirit in the village of Werdun (Warsaw archdiocese) and religious teacher in Sukhrukru was convicted by the District Court in Grójec for two years imprisonment (the prosecutor’s office demanded twice more) for the notorious sexual harassment of a boy , from the age of 9 he taught “anatomy” and carried out experiments to make the child aware of what his hand in his pants can do. Piotr D. pleaded guilty, so the whole trial was limited to one trial, and immediately after the verdict was announced, the court quashed the verdict and after only two months of being detained, the reverend pedophile regained his freedom. He is still working today.

Krzysztof K. was until recently the parish priest of Saint. James the Apostle in Mechów (Archdiocese of Gdansk). The District Court in Wejherowo convicted him in the first instance for 3.5 years in prison for sexual “formation” of a 14-year-old girl.

Priest Roman K. from the Archdiocese of Warmia went to the USA to support the parish in  in pastoral work. On the occasion of this “help” he raped a minor girl, which – as he explained in court, pleading guilty – was “a therapeutic method to help her forget the traumatic experiences of the past”. After serving 9 months in prison, he was deported to Poland. Metropolitan Archbishop Wojciech Ziemba appointed him vicar at the parish in Wielbark and a teacher of religion at the local gymnasium. When the teachers began to talk about his criminal past, the metropolitan removed Father Roman from  there and Ziemba promoted the rapist to a parish priest in O. Warmińscy church!!!

Antoni W., former parish priest of the parish in Olsztyn – Dywity, sentenced to 3.5 years for paying for sex with 14-year-old boys

Krzysztof Cz.  held the position of judge of the Lublin Metropolitan Court since 1994 (also the chaplain of the Children’s Clinical Hospital in Lublin), and the last decree of the Archbishop. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison for being involved with an internet pedophile ring and a lifetime ban on education.

Franciszkanin Krzysztof P.  sentenced to 4.5 years in prison and 10 years ban for working with children for sexual harassment of the altar boy. Ks. Tomasz G. from the parish of the Transfiguration in Brzozów (archdiocese of Przemyśl)

Priest Roman B., a friar from the Society of Christ for Polish Diaspora, sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for the sexual abuse of his student for several months, which at the time of initiation was only 13 years old.

Priest Łukasz K., former vicar of the parish in Łętownia (Cracow archdiocese) and teacher of religion at the local school complex named after Pope John Paul II, convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment and a year of prohibition of work as a teacher for sexual harassment of a 12-year-old, whose cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz hid during the investigation in the parish in P., allowing him even to teach religion in the local primary school.

Priest Piotr T. from Dębnica (Pelplin diocese), sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexual harassment and drug administration to altar boys and persuading one of them to commit suicide. Several dozen clerics were condemned for similar crimes, whose subsequent fates we did not follow, but we know that they were kept in the “Holy Church” and somewhere in Poland they still give communion with their dirty paws.

Priest Ryszard Ś. was convicted by the District Court in Jelenia Góra for one year suspended in prison for “acting on a continuous basis, using e-mail for the distribution of pornographic content with minors under 15 years of age and the use of animals “.

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  1. While he was a prisoner at Dachau, Father Leisner was suffering from tuberculosis and had given up all hope of ever being ordained a priest. Then in September 1944, Msgr. Gabriel Piquet, Bishop of Clermont-Ferrand in France was transferred from the Natzweiler concentration camp in Alsace to Dachau. He had been sent to Natzweiler along with other French Resistance fighters who had been captured.

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