The well-known Yellow Guide Gault & Millau 2019 has already been added to bookstores. It is one of the most prestigious informers in the catering industry in the world. There are over 1000 addresses for lovers of good food. See the top 30 Warsaw restaurants which have been appreciated by the prestigious publication.

Akademia Restauracja

The restaurant serves international cuisine, decorating the classic with modernity. The restaurant creates a trend for the weekend with Polish cuisine, the ground is combined with a glass of great red wine. The Academy boasts the taste of the best quality products and daily chef’s specialties – Krzysztof Kowalski. 

Kitchen / International
Prices: 75-100 PLN 
Address: Różana 2

Informal Kitchen

InFormal Kitchen is a kitchen inspired by proven recipes, selected ingredients from different regions of Poland and Europe, culinary experiences and memories of distant journeys. InFormal is: Authenticity, simplicity and taste. 

Kitchen International
Prices: 75-100 PLN 
Address: pl. Małachowskiego 2

Ceviche Bar

Ceviche Bar is a culinary concept with a South American climate, whose originator is Martinez Gimenez Castro. This is the first restaurant in Warsaw specializing in Ceviche, a dish with distinct flavors, character and thoughtful composition from preparation to serving. Its main ingredient is fresh fish marinated with citrus juice. Ceviche is one of the symbols of Latin culture. 

Kitchen Fish
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: Twarda 4 

Bez Gwiazdek

Bez Gwiazdek is a small restaurant in Powiśle, which opens only in the evening, for dinner. The menu changes here every month and is composed by acclaimed owner Robert Trzópka. 

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: Wiślana 8 


Carefully selected fresh products and attention to their best quality determine the taste and aroma of dishes here, and large portions will satisfy the palate of even the most demanding guests. It has two dining rooms, one private room, a bar, and a flower terrace. 

Kitchen Polish
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: ul. Puławska 43


Senses is the second restaurant in Poland awarded with a prestigious Michelin star. Dishes in the restaurant at Bielańska are created thanks to the Note by Note technology invented by the creator of the molecular kitchen. This is how the first menu in the world which was created according to the Note by Note method. Simplifying the description to a minimum one can compare the way of composing meals to the arrangement of a “note by note” from the aromas extracted from individual ingredients. 

Kuchnia Innovative
Prices: over PLN 150 
Address: Bielańska 12

Atelier Amaro

Atelier Amaro is a new concept combining elements of a culinary studio and an original gastronomic vision. It has been on the map of Warsaw since 2011. The dishes are served on the basis of a specially prepared calendar. 

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: over PLN 150 
Address: Agrykola 1 

ELIXIR by Dom Vodka

The French boast cognac and champagne, Scottish whiskey, Italians grappa and prosecco. Americans praise bourbon, Mexicans tequila, and Spaniards glorify their wines. Poles, on the other hand, have an excellent vodka, recognized in the world as the most recognizable Polish product and exceptional food, bread and regional specialties, which in no other place taste like here. 

The combination of these exceptional assets is the quintessence of the Dom vodka, whose mission is to promote the best culinary and distillery traditions of Poland and give Polish cuisine and vodka the right rank, against other national alcoholic and gastronomic cultures. 

Cuisine: Business 
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: Wierzbowa 9/11

Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski

Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski is a French restaurant run by the young Chef – Arkadiusz Wilamowski, who developed the original menu. It is based on the culinary heritage of France with Polish accents. 

Kitchen: Innovative
Prices: over PLN 150 
Address: Chłodna 15 

Brasserie Warszawska

The restaurant combines a cuisine inspired by Warsaw’s tradition and European modernity. The menu was created from a combination of simplicity and elegance of taste. 

Kitchen French  
Prices: 75-100 PLN 
Address: Górnośląska 24 


Restaurant Dyletanci has one of the largest wine cards in Poland with a selection of nearly 900 items and a large selection of wines by the glass (over 40). The menu is based on seasonal products from organic sources – dilettants have their vegetable and fruit farm in Magnuszew near Warsaw. 

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: Rozbrat 44A


Plato is a restaurant that is located in the Royal Wilanów shopping and service complex. The chef here is Michał Gniadek. On the menu expect steaks and international dishes created with passion from premium products. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere in a free, bright interior. 

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: over PLN 150 
Address: Klimczaka 1 

Rozbrat 20

Restaurant Rozbrat 20 serves surprising connections every day, which seemingly may not seem obvious. The motto here is: courage, madness and unique taste . The menu offers modern Polish dishes in a relaxing and less formal atmosphere.

Kitchen Innovative 
Prices: PLN 75-100 
Address: Rozbrat 20


Salto is a unique restaurant in Warsaw, where South American flavors are subjected to the courageous acrobatics of the temperamental Chef – Martin Gimenez Castro. The interior is decorated in art deco style, which creates a unique atmosphere. The dishes are served on hand-made plates designed by the chef. 

Kitchen Innovative 
Prices: over PLN 150 
Address: Wilcza 73

L’enfant terrible

L’enfant terrible” is the kitchen of Michał Bryś, who is the chef and co-owner of the restaurant. He gained professional experience in the best restaurants in the world and awarded with 2 and 3 Michelin stars. 

This artistic side of the chef’s personality plays a very important role in creating the restaurant and its unpredictable menu. A short and changeable card, the freshest local ingredients, surprising compositions and the absurd humor on the plate all create the atmosphere of the restaurant. 

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: 75-100 PLN
Address: Sandomierska 13


Nolita is the authorial restaurant of Jacek Grochwin, who is also the chef here. The inside of the premises is economical elegance: gray and black with red additions. The menu offers both Polish and international cuisine.

Kitchen  Innovative
Prices: 150 PLN+
Address: Wilcza 46

N31 by Robert Sowa

N31 restaurant & bar is the authorial dining master of Robert Sowa. Polish dishes with international accents reign here. The priority are top-quality products and remarkable taste combinations. 

Kitchen International
Prices: 150 PLN +
Address: Nowogrodzka 31

Bez Tytułu

The chef is French, but his recipes do not have nationality. As you can read on the site of the restaurant titled Bez Tytułu – “Our restaurant has no title, because names set limits. Just like in the world of art, what’s unnamed releases the imagination. ”  You will also find an exclusive bar downstairs which opens into the late hours of the morning.

Kitchen Innovative 
Prices: 75-100 PLN 
Address: Poznańska 16

La Rotiserrie

The interiors of the restaurant impress with its simplicity and elegance. They encourage you to spend your free time in the company of the wonderful creations of the Chef – Paweł Oszczyk, the undisputed culinary master, winner of many national and foreign prizes.

The combination of a professional team, free creativity and fresh, seasonal products is a recipe for the uniqueness of the premises. In addition to the visionary tasting menu, a harmonized part of the a la carte is proposed where the classics and tradition are intertwined with the twist characteristic of Paweł Oszczyk. 

Kitchen International
Prices:  150 PLN +
Address: Kościelna 12

Butchery & Wine

According to the rules of the restaurant owners, their premises are to be simple and unpunished. Guests, in turn, have to admire what they eat. Owners of Butchery & Wine say: We think about cooking in the same way as our clients – honest. The most important are ingredients. We know where each of our products comes from – no matter if they are vegetables, dairy products, fish or meat. We know and trust our suppliers. We want our guests to receive from us what we expect from food – simplicity and full taste. Probably the best steaks in the city.

Kitchen Steakhouse
Prices:  75-100 PLN
Address: Żurawia 20/22


The Belvedere restaurant is one of the most beautiful and interesting points on the culinary map of Poland. It combines excellent cuisine, unique design and unusual history.

The restaurant is located in a unique place – the New Orangery in Łazienki Królewskie is a building with over 150 years of history. The surroundings of park alleys, rose gardens and the company of proud peacocks create a unique atmosphere. Creative Chef Marcin Przybysz and Chef Adam Komar serve modern, seasonal Polish cuisine.

Kitchen Polish 
Prices: 150 PLN +
Address: Agrykoli 1 

Concept 13

Concept 13 Restaurant is located on the fifth floor of the VITKAC Commercial Center in the Wolf Bracka building at 9 Bracka Street.

Decorated with taste and attention to every detail, a modern glazed interior with a beautiful panorama of the capital, international dishes, tappanyaki, as well as a selection of grilled steaks prepared in an open kitchen, will delight even the most demanding of customers.

Kitchen Innovative
Prices: 150 PLN +
Address: Bracka 9


Dekant Wine Bar & Restaurant is a concept that combines the idea of a Wine Bar with a restaurant in the full sense of the word. They have one of the most outstanding wine cards in the world awarded by Wine Spectator consisting of almost 300 bottles of wine from around the world and the Executive Chef menu by Adam Kowalczyk. A captivating duet made in heaven.

Kitchen International
Prices:  75-100 PLN
Addres:Zajęcza 15

Mąka i Woda

Mąka i Woda is a place with traditional Neapolitan pizza, which is prepared according to a traditional recipe from Italian products (including Caputo flour, San Marzano DOP tomatoes, di Campala di Campania DOP), and baked in a furnace with exclusively fired wood. The restaurant also serves “homemade” plates of pasta, antipasti, salads, and desserts. All dishes are prepared from Italian products in combination with fresh, seasonal products from local farmers from around Warsaw.

Kuchnia: Casual
Prices: 75-100 PLN
Address: Chmielna 13A


Chianti is a region in Tuscany, known for its cypresses, olive groves and magnificent vineyards where the famous red wine of the same name is made. Chianti is also a Tuscan-style trattoria in the heart of Warsaw, filled with the scent of herbs and oil. A casual, friendly place for fanatics of Italian food and wines from the best Italian cellars.

Kitchen Fish 
Prices: 75-100 PLN
Adres:Foksal 17 

Casa Pablo

Casa Pablo is the Spanish creation of Pablo and Grace, who literally fell in love with Warsaw and its inhabitants. Casa Pablo is, above all, a bustling creativity, full of inspiration, original cuisine created for four years by the chef Gonzalo de Salas Smith, who has gained his rich experience in the best restaurants around the world including Eleven Madison Park and decorated with three Michelin stars in New York. In Poland, Gonzalo is constantly improving the menu, composing dishes from original Spanish products imported, among others, from the most famous fish market in Madrid. Don’t expect tapas though. This place is Spanish fine dining at its best.

Kitchen Spanish Fine Dining
Prices: 75-100 PLN
Adres:Grzybowska 5A

Amber Room

The Amber Room Restaurant serves exquisite Polish and fusion cuisine. The restaurant is located in the historic Sobański Palace on one of the most prestigious streets in Warsaw. Amber Room was awarded the four cutlery award in the Michelin guide and received the Gault & Millau award.

Kitchen International 
Prices: 150 PLN +
Adres:Al. Ujazdowskie 13


Alewino was established as a wine store, but over time, following the expectations of customers, it would develop into something between a wine bar and a restaurant. Nevertheless, wine still remains its core foundation. On the shelves, you will find over 250 labels of carefully selected wines from around the world in various price ranges. Chef Sebastian Wełpa uses his many years of experience to create exceptional dishes with passion.

Kitchen Innovative 
Prices: 75-100 PLN 
Address: Mokotowska 48

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