We recently published our favorite list of tattoo studios in Tricity but since then we have come across 3 more studios definitely worth a mention. Click on studio names to be directed to their fb page.

Tatucan Tattoo Studio – GDYNIA

Tatucan is a small and intimate studio with a big heart, which beats in the direct center of the city of Gdynia. It was created as an initiative of two artists Ola a.k.a. alex.one.tattoo and Maciej a.k.a. lipskytattoo who share passion, experience, and creativity. As they told us ‘Our goal is to spread our values with future customers’.

One of their main ideas is to educate people, that tattoos are not the temporary whim of style and that each tattoo should be customized to the client’s needs.

They go on to tell us that they love being inspired by their clients, their stories and their personalities. But most of all, they just adore spending quality time with clients and together creating stunning and breathtaking art! Great people, great artists, great studio!

Veles – Pracownia Tatuażu – GDYNIA

The Veles tattoo studio is the fruit of two talented local tattooists who have fulfilled their dream. A dream to transfer art to the skin in the form of tattoos. It is the fruit of a mixture of two different characters, experience, creativity and attention to detail that make this place special.

Michał is a tattoo artist with 15 years of experience. A handyman, a real creative soul – as he says about himself: “I am not an artist but a craftsman”. He has one of the steadiest hands in the business so specializes in patterns based on geometry and so-called Polynesia style.

Agnieszka is a young and talented tattoo artist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Drawing and illustrations are her passion When tattooing, she loves color, sketchiness, and delicacy. However, she is very versatile due to her head being full of ideas. Look out for Michał’s exhibits around the studio. Something to be admired and if you’re lucky you will find Freji the dog who is valiant and adorable and their mascot! Highly recommended!

K19 Tattoo & Piercing – GDAŃSK WRZESZCZ

K19 is a place with a unique atmosphere where people with passion and fascination with tattoos meet. It was founded in 2016 by Aleksandra Adaszewska who has ensured they offer a wide range of techniques and styles of tattoos.

Posted by K19 Tattoo & Piercing on Monday, January 22, 2018

As well as normal tattoos you can also expect a top quality piercer and even the possibility of getting glow in the dark ink on your skin which is just coming to Poland from the USA.

Looks small from the outside but don’t be deceived, The studio is on 2 levels and is located right next to Gdańsk Wrzeszcz train station and shopping center which is always a bonus ?

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