Nudist beaches in Poland are actually quite popular. But where are they? In practically every region of the country, you will find a nudist beach, where you can sunbathe naked. However, the largest and probably the best selection are by the sea. We have prepared a list of TOP 10 nudist beaches by the sea in Poland with a map on how to get to the beach. Have fun!

10. Nudist beach Dźwirzyno-Grzybowo

The beach is approx. 4 km long. It is peaceful here, the beach is quite wide, sheltered by the dunes and the Forest Park.

The easiest way to get here is from Grzybowo. On the side of Kołobrzeska street is a paid parking lot. All you have to do is leave the car there and take a few hundred meters to get to the local naturist beach.


9. Nudist beach in Gdansk

Do you prefer to be close to a big city? Then the nudist beach in Gdansk is for you. It is located only 10 km from the city center but you can still enjoy the peace.

Since the naturist beach in Gdansk is located within the city limits, you will easily get here by bus. Leave the car in the center, because there are very few parking spaces near the beach


8. Nudist beach in Międzyzdroj

Podobny obraz
Just 3 km west of Międzyzdroje is one of the oldest Polish nudist beaches. In the ’70s and’ 80s, it was full of life and events without clothes. Today, there are no such attractions, only the pleasant warm sand has been left.

If you leave the car near the Baltic Miniature Park, it will take you about 15 minutes to pass through the forest.


7. Nudist beach in Piaski

At the very end of the Polish coast, right next to the border with Russia, there is a naturist beach, which no one can reach by accident. On one side, you have the border, on the other side the Baltic Sea and from the third side, you have the Vistula Spit.

The nearest major town is Krynica Morska, 12 km away. You can drive quite close to the beach via the 501 road but you will have to park up once the road ends and you have to walk through the forest or along the sandy beach.


6. Nudist beach in Chłapowo

Podobny obraz
This local nudist beach is perfectly sheltered by nature – the high cliff perfectly protects against curious glances. This is an unusual beach that was created by the residents themselves.

The village is located next to Władysławowo. Drive along the 215, which stretches along the coast. From Chłapowo, it takes no more than a quarter of an hour to reach the beach with a picturesque gorge.


5. Nudist beach in Chałupy

There isn’t a Pole who doesn’t know the song about the nudist beach in Chałupy. Although the times of splendor are behind, this place is still very popular. The naturist beach extends over a 4-kilometer stretch east of Chałup, towards Kuźnica.

In Chałupy itself, there is a problem with parking during the high season. To save yourself the nerves, it is best to leave your car in nearby Władysławowo and take a taxi or walk about 6 km to the beach.


4. Nudist beach in Świnoujści

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Nudist beach in Ahlbeck
A two-kilometer strip of beach between Świnoujście and German Ahlbeck for the professionals. The non-textile zone in Poland is only a small section, but you can easily use the sand of our western neighbors. However, it should be remembered that there is a spa fee for spreading the towel.

The beach is located approx. 3 km from Świnoujście city center. The car is best left there and take a walk to the coast. The city can be reached via the E65 road.


3. Nudist beach in Pogorzelica

The longest naturist beach in Poland. It starts about 2.5 km km east of Pogorzelica and stretches for nearly 10 km to Mrzeżyno. It is worth noting that there are no holiday homes in the vicinity of the beach because until recently there was a military zone.

From both towns, you have to take a bit of a walk to reach the naturist area.


2. Nudist beach in Rowy

Very quiet beach, especially in the eastern part, which borders with the Słowiński National Park. Because the area is protected, you can not build hotels, holiday resorts or roads here.

The picturesque naturist beach in Rowy is located a few minutes walk from the center of the village. Rowy itself is located about 23 km east of Ustka.


1. Nudist beach in Dębki 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Plaża Dębki

This Tricity beach comes in as number 1. Surely you’ve heard about the beach in Dębki. According to many, it is the most popular naturist beach in Poland. Dębki is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, several dozen kilometers from the Tri-City. The nudist beach stretches for 10 kilometers!

The naturist beach is a 30-minute walk from the center of Dębki. The car is best left as close to the town as possible.

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