Warsaw has so many tattoo studios it was very hard to pin down just a few. By visiting each one, soaking up the atmosphere and speaking to the artists and owners, we managed to come up with 15 studios (in no particular order) we love for different reasons. A tattoo studio in our opinion should be able to offer something more, something different, something unique and we believe we have found them. Click on studio names to be directed to their FB page.

Szery Tattoo

Founded in 2008 by Mixer and Aldona, they like to introduce themselves as a „hardcore tattooing team”. A combination of a tattooing woman and a hardcore drummer. Mixer went to Aldona because he wanted to get a tattoo … Aldona hit Mixer because she wanted to tattoo someone. One can say it’s the irony of fate, but from the beginning of their friendship, they knew that they both wanted to slightly turn the world upside down by creating something unconventional!

This place isn’t a tattoo factory but rather a place where they cherish the process of creativity. Their climatic, inspiring and even a little bit loony interior reflects that and seems to be organized in such a way as to inspire free expression. This explosive combination of a free spirit, loony interior and the originality of projects created here make Szery Tattoo an easy pick when choosing our favorite tattoo studios in Warsaw.

Ink Fetish

Ink Fetish from the moment you enter has an obvious sterile atmosphere and look with 3 artists representing very diverse styles of work. The founder of the studio, Piotr Winiarski, has over 15 years of experience from photorealism to grotesque drawing forms. We hear he is also pretty good at laser removal just in case you split from your partner and want to remove their name from your skin ?

Posted by Ink Fetish Tattoo on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Next up is Paweł Szubski who’s preferred style often takes on a dark atmosphere and black humor decorated with a solidly drawn contour and often a detailed touch. Finally but not least is Daniel Gembus who is a certified painter and draftsman of the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts, who for over half a year has been successfully practicing the art of tattooing human skin under the watchful eye of his classmates. He likes illustrative and comic projects. Not located in the city center but definitely worth the extra mile to feed your fetish

Touche Tattoo

Studio founded by Marcin Januszaniec in 2014. Initially located on Smolna street, was moved in 2016 to a larger space on Krucza street in the center of Warsaw. Currently, it is one of the largest studios in the capital with seven resident artists and a frequent choice of foreign guests.

A broad selection of artists allows you to make a tattoo in almost any style and with a guest artist almost every week you are spoilt for choice. Definitely one of the coolest studios we found in Warsaw with big plans to expand even outside Poland. Read our interview with Marcin here.

Amok Tattoo Studio

AMOK Tattoo Studio is a cozy place in Warsaw’s Powiśle district, established in August 2017. They offer high-quality work and service at the highest level. Their clients appreciate their individual approach, sense of privacy, relaxing atmosphere and positively twisted crew.

Main tattoo artist and owner Tomek a.k.a. Gringo Tattoo is experienced in realistic style in both grey and color.

White Rat Tattoo

White Rat Tattoo studio is located on Warsaw’s Powiśle, on 37 Tamka Street. It was founded in 2015 by Agata Kacperczyk, a tattoo artist dedicated to the art of tattoos. At White Rat, you can find various tattoo styles starting with Agata and her graphic/sketch art. Monika who specializes in blackwork, Krzysiek who is devoted to realistic tattoos and many other guest spots artists from all over the world.

White Rat Tattoo is a place where you can find a nice atmosphere, talented artists, a cup of hot coffee and a unique piece of art on your body. Just follow the rat neon!

Caffeine Tattoo

Tattoo Studio in the center of Warsaw with ten talented artists, headed by one of the most recognized neo-traditional artists in Poland – Bartosz Panas. who has achieved legendary status. In addition to great tattoos, you will receive reliable help and support of the managers.

Here, a tattoo is not only a pattern for them, but it’s also energy and love for art. One of the nicest looking studios in Warsaw and they make it their mission that you remember your time spent in Studio for a long time. All this makes Studio Caffeine one of a kind! You can read the interview with Bartosz Panas here where we spoke about many things including cocaine, gangsters and the police!

Art Force Tattoo

Founded in 2010 by Paweł “Pablo” Perzyna who has 27 years in the tattoo industry, Art Force is a studio that means business. Located in the city center it should be easy to find but is hidden away on the first floor of a somewhat uninspiring building. Once inside, the place oozes passion and you can sense this is not your usual hipster studio.

With numerous artists dotted around the large studio, you can take your pick from all the styles under the sun including frontman Łukasz LUK Żera who works with realism and cartoons and is a super cool guy. Don’t be put off by the building, trust me, once inside you will be pampered like a king and leave with the biggest smile on your face.

77 Ink

77ink is an explosive mix of many years of experience in tattooing, infinite layers of creativity, art imbued with ink, artists and their superpowers, original interior, and an unforgettable atmosphere!

It’s part of a bigger project that you are a part of. Because it’s your unique personalities, dreams, passions and memories with the help of magical inks, they tattoo with the highest creativity and standards of hygiene and safety. Definately a unique studio.

Stink Tattoo

Stink tattoo is a small, non-commercial studio located in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district since 2015. Run by people who love tattoos, have some & make them ? The crew consists of Zuza who favors realistic – in black & color and old school.

Maks likes to work with realism and neo-traditional and also specializes in covering crap tattoos and finally but not least is Jarek who is responsible for making sure you have a great experience. Stink offers you a very personalized service and founder Zuza will make you feel like a VIP from the moment you enter.

Pink Machine Tattoo

A Warsaw studio founded by Magda and Filosh in 2012. It all started in an old tenement house at Plac Unii Lubelskiej in a small studio and was relocated eventually to the greener district of Żoliborz to a more secluded place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Now there is an enlarged band of young and energetic artists, who together have created a homely atmosphere while offering good coffee or tea. Expect some great original designs made by artists who have a real passion for originality and professionalism. Although, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a laugh while you are there. Great atmosphere!

Dirty Lust

Dirty Lust was established by Szymon in 2012 and is a “multistyle “ tattoo shop based in the center of Warsaw. Szymon was getting a tattoo done by a tattoo artist called Iwona who eventually became his girlfriend. After a few months together they decided to open their own studio.

In the beginning, there was 2 and now they have 8 tattoo artists, each offering their own original styles. Inside, you will find a marine-influenced theme with various antique furnishings which make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter. We also sensed in the air a great passion for what they are doing there. Expect to leave with a huge smile on your face ? Read the interview with owner Szymon

JKO Tattoo

Founded by Jenna Olkowicz in 2013, her goal was to gather the most talented artists to create the perfect team. She now has a unique set of artists each offering their own unique styles.

The crew consists of Jenna whose preferred tattooing style is black and grey but she is more than capable in most styles due to her experience. Vosh’s preferred style is dot work, whips and color dot work which he loves. Rosja’s preferred tattooing style is black and grey realism, she also loves to make portraits and even permanent makeup.

Finally but not least is Ira whose preferred style is alternative line work, black work but she has many years of experience in black and color realism.

Warsaw Ink

In Warsaw’s largest studio you will find a gathering of outstanding artists, representing different techniques in their own unique styles. In their private garden, they try to be as close to nature as possible while being only a few kilometres from the city centre. Whilst waiting for the project, you may explore the garden or an extensive art gallery, collection of books and albums waiting for you on the upper floor.

They also have a private room – for all those who need privacy while getting tattooed. Projects are created with passion and attention to every detail, and individually for every client.

If you are looking for a place full of good and openminded people, you won’t find a better one!

Niezły Mexyk

Located in a brand new location on Nowy Świat 28, Niezły Mexyk Tattoo was created from a love of art and works in different styles with every artist striving to be the best in it.

They are extremely friendly with their customers and very professional, and quality oriented. If you are afraid to get a tattoo they will sit you down on their comfortable sofa, drink some tea and talk about your ideas to make a unique piece of art especially for you. Great location, atmosphere and tattoos so give them a try. Don’t be a gringo ?

Monkey Hide Tattoo

The Monkey Hide Tattoo Studio was founded in September 2017 by two experienced tattooists: Łukasz Miskacz Antosik and Kordian Korsakowski.

Located in a pre-war tenement house in Warsaw, at 10/27 Bagatela Street, it is their skills and commitment that make this place something special. It is also one of our favorite interiors.

With their lives committed to the industry, you can easily find their crew at numerous Polish and foreign conventions. According to the owners, it is there that they learn from the best and make new friendships with really talented artists which they invite for guest spots. Expect many laughs!

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